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Do You Have Emotional Intelligence?

Living in uncertainty has taken its toll on many of us. Couple the uncertainty with the overwhelming news we’re bombarded with and the hurdles of day-to-day life make it harder to cope. The pandemic triggered fear, anxiety, and even hopelessness for some, which is why having emotional intelligence during these times is especially crucial.

Do You Have Emotional Intelligence?
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Psychology Today defines Emotional Intelligence as “the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.” People who have a high EI have a more positive outlook in life and tend to be empathic. According to psychologist and author Daniel Goleman, there are five components of EI. Find out which of these skills you possess.

The Components of Emotional Intelligence

  1. Self-awareness: Are you able to recognize your emotions and how it affects others? Self-aware individuals are in touch with not only their emotions, but they’re also aware of their strengths and limitations. They are more receptive to feedback and are confident in themselves.   
  2. Self-management: Are you able to effectively communicate your emotions? That means you’re able to calmly discuss how you’re feeling without blowing things out of proportion. This helps avoid conflict and puts your communication skills into practice.
  3. Social awareness: Are you able to form strong connections with others? More than having an awareness of your own emotions and those of others, take note of non-verbal cues. Body language, keeping eye contact, and being an active listener are signs of strong social skills.
  4. Empathy: How do you respond to other people’s emotions? When someone is sad or upset, you don’t invalidate how they’re feeling and try to comfort them. Empathetic people think about how other people feel and are generally helpful and caring.  
  5. Motivation: Do you act on things because it’s personally rewarding? Money, fame, or success is not your driving factor if you have intrinsic motivation. You engage in things you are passionate about and find fulfillment when you’re able to explore, learn, and actualize your potential.  

When you have emotional intelligence, you’ll be able to better understand and manage your emotions, communicate effectively, and practice conflict resolution. This is an interpersonal skill that can be used to enhance your career and personal life and will help you cope better during the pandemic.

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