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Learn the Basics of Circular Living

We’ve all heard the phrase “reuse, reduce, recycle” but seldom put it into practice. The Linear Economy is partly to blame for this, producing items that were only meant for single-use consumption. Fortunately, more companies have been making the conscious choice to shift into a sustainable business model like the Circular Economy.

What is the circular economy?

Simply put, a circular economy reduces the consumption and waste of resources like raw materials, water, and energy while focusing on increasing the life of products and services. According to the European Sustainability Guide, the objective of a circular economy is to retain the value of goods. When we give further value and extend the life cycle of products or materials, we work towards a sustainable world.

How can you get into circular living?

It’s not news that the world is slowly running out of materials due to overconsumption and wastefulness. But we can all do our part (albeit a small one) by learning the basics of circular living. The first step is to follow a sustainable lifestyle and be more intentional with your purchases. Only buy things you need and see if you can repair an item before replacing it.

Thrifting clothes and buying used but not abused furniture is a great example of circular living. You get to save money and minimize your waste. Recycling and upcycling are other ways to apply the concept of circular living. Instead of disposing of an irreparable object, see if you can disassemble it and recycle or upcycle some parts. The idea is to maximize the resources so that nothing goes to waste.

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Circular living promotes using eco-friendly products, finding solutions to lessen our impact on the environment, and reintroducing items into the production cycle. It’s in the small changes that could help mother nature recover.


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