Everything You Need To Know About The Sim Card Registration Act

Is this law finally a goodbye to fraudsters?

The hashtag #SimRegistration was a trending topic on Twitter the whole day of December 27, 2022, as it is the first day of the implementation of SIM Card Registration Act, where telco users, including those who use prepaid broadband devices, have to register their numbers to remain active as part of its Implementing Rules and Regulations by the National Telecommunications Commission.

The act is a measure to protect users from illegal activities such as scams, smishing, and other kinds of mobile phones and online fraud. In the recent years, users receiving scam messages have been prevalent as criminals are able to use prepaid SIMs without registering any of their personal information. This has given them the liberty to use SIMs for scams without being identified and getting caught.

All users with existing prepaid numbers are given until April 26, 2023 to register their SIMs or it will be deactivated after the deadline. Once the SIM gets deactivated, the user will no longer be able to call, text, or use data using the number.

Globe’s Online Platform for SIM Card Registration Act

As the implementation of the SIM Card Registration Act begins, mobile leader Globe announces its FAQs and steps to register its subscribers’ SIMs through its online SIM registration platform. At press time, Globe has an estimated 87.9 million users in its whole network.

The SIM Registration Act aligns with Globe’s long-standing fraud protection efforts as the law gives an added layer of security and protection from fraudsters who take advantage of SIM use anonymity for their scams and other illegal activities.

All Globe Prepaid, TM, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, Globe Mobile WiFi, and Globe Business prepaid subscribers may register their SIMs at Globe’s online registration platform beginning December 27, 2022. By January, Globe subscribers may also be able to register through the New GlobeOne app.

When it comes to new users, SIMs that will be purchased are deactivated and must register the number immediately to be able to use and enjoy Globe services.

Starting February 2023, Globe will put in place assisted registration sites for customers who might need help in registering their SIMs, including senior citizens, persons with disability and pregnant individuals, as well as those without access to internet or are using basic or feature phones.

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Here are the steps to register your SIM for Globe subscribers!

How about the existing postpaid users?

As for the existing Globe Postpaid, Globe Platinum, and Globe Business postpaid customers, they will be pre-registered by Globe using the details provided in their initial application.

Should there be missing information, Globe will get in touch with them to get what is needed in order to comply with the requirements of the law.

Ernest Cu, President and CEO of the Globe group, encourages all subscribes of the Globe network to comply with the SIM Registration Act.

He says, “We are committed to provide our customers with an easy-to-use, secure, and inclusive registration process. We encourage all our customers to plan their registration dates, prepare their valid government IDs with photos to enjoy the full benefits of our services and to protect their personal information.”

Globe will release more information about its SIM registration platform and procedure on its official channels in the coming days.

For information about the SIM registration process, customers may visit

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