IMMAP Welcomes New Era With New Name, New Branding

IMMAP enters a new milestone as DMAP!

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) has scaled up its reach by taking a new branding and name: Digital Marketing Association of the Philippines (DMAP). 

DMAP dropped a video encapsulating its new trajectory on the third day of its flagship event, DigiCon: Digimax, which ran from October 18 to 20, 2023. 

IMG 5500

“Forward Tinkerers” now officially stands as DMAP’s banner statement, leaving a provocative question of “What would happen if brands, businesses, platforms, professionals, and visionaries, come together as a collective?”

The video says, “We think of the future and tinker with it for the better. We push for growth as we build brands and guide the nation. We believe that movement is improvement and in perpetual motion. We work towards perfection, yet totally fine with the messy middle. 

At our core, we help navigate digital marketing transformation by opening minds, fostering confidence, and trust.”

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DMAP was initially founded in 2007 as IMMAP. Its existence was born out of an ambition to help companies and professionals navigate the relatively confusing landscape of digital marketing. 

In the same year it was launched, it also managed to establish its first-ever IMMAP Summit—which is now called DigiCon. This flagship event came to be the biggest digital marketing event  in the Philippines to date and is attended by thousands of professionals from different business sectors. 

In 16 years of service, it also created other events and solutions, including the Boomerang Awards that seeks to recognize “ingenious solutions” that holistically cater to consumer needs.

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