Social Distancing Adventures: 5 Ideas to Enjoy The Great Outdoors while Social Distancing

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Are you experiencing bad cabin fever? Months of staying at home can take their toll on anyone. As the IATF guidelines ease up, a lot of establishments are opening as well, so you can get outdoorsy without having to join big crowds. 

In case you’re hesitant about flying out to travel, there are thrilling options closeby so you can still have outdoor adventures while social distancing. Here are five ideas you should consider to have fun and enjoy some fresh air.

Explore the Discovery Trail at Masungi 

Go on a fun-filled hike with a handful of your friends at Masungi Georeserve. Located just in Baras, Rizal, Masungi offers a lot of activities, and is full of totally Instagram-worthy spots.

Have a camping trip

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There are a lot of camp sites in provinces near Metro Manila such as Laguna and Tagaytay. If you’re not into roughing it, you can look for glamping sites instead. 

Go wakeboarding at Republic Wakepark 

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Located in Nuvali, Laguna, Republic Wakepark gives adrenaline junkies the stoke they’re looking for. If  you’ve never gone wakeboarding before, don’t worry as the park offers beginner lessons. 

Get a diving license in Anilao

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If you’re a water baby, you can take your love for having fun in the water to the next level by getting your diving license. Not only will you get a good workout in, you’ll also get to explore the beauty under the sea.

Take the fast lane by going mountain biking

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If you feel the need for speed AND immersion into Mother Nature, consider biking in a mountain. There are a lot of routes to choose from near Manila so you don’t have to go far for a quick escape. 

While we should all do our part, and stay at home as much as possible, it’s important we also take time to do things that makes us happy. If you have a taste for adventure, there are a lot of ways to get your adrenaline fix without having to go to crowded places. Yes, adventure is out there, but you should stay smart and safe, too.

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