6 Gorgeous Watches That’s Not Going to Make Your Wallet Cry

There’s never been a better time to buy a beautiful watch. But, it’s a tough decision whether to buy one or not because quality watches are quite pricey. There are gorgeous pieces, however, that are really affordable.

Ranging from professional to classic watches to suit any wrist, here’s our list of wristwear that’s not going to make your wallet cry:

Invicta Pro Diver Men’s Swiss Made Quartz 44mm Watch

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Image from Zalora

Love adventure? The Invicta Pro Diver Men’s Swiss Made Quartz 44mm Watch 25819 might be the right one for you! The Swiss-made wristwatch features a stainless steel case and a unidirectional rotating bezel with a black dial. What’s more is that it’s water-resistant of up to 100 meters so you can do water activities while wearing it!

Thomas Earnshaw Armagh Men’s Genuine Leather Strap Watch

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Image from Zalora

With its striking oversized markers, the Armagh (ES-8037-03) is a modern piece with a vintage vibe. Get the best of both worlds with this self-winding automatic piece that has the best craftsmanship there is!

Casio Analog Watch 

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Image from Zalora

Remember those heirloom pieces that parents usually give to their kids? Well, add a modern touch to that and voila! This brown leather-strapped Casio Analog Watch (MTP-V006GL-7B-BROWN) is a perfect addition to your timeless wrist wear collection and a great accessory to your office look. 

SO&CO Studio 5089 Watch Set

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Image from Zalora

Wristwear fashion is not limited to men. Women can get one, too! For starters, this affordable SO&CO Studio 5089 Watch Set is such a beauty to behold. The water-resistant watch has a polished crystal filled bezel on a tan genuine leather strap and comes with a matching embellished bracelet.

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Leather Watch

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Image from Zalora

Another lady’s watch must-have is this Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Leather Watch. The lovely wristwear is made with durable mineral crystal, making it scratch-free, and a round casual style that goes well with just any outfit.

Valentino Excalibur IP Rose Gold

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Image from Zalora

Infatuated with those elegant rose gold things? Well, this Valentino Excalibur IP Rose Gold is perfect to add a pop of color on your wrist. The lovely watch features a rose gold strap and dial, as well as a studded detail at the front. 

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