Find your balance by using these in the shower

Have you been struggling to find your balance lately? With all the work, personal and pandemic-related stress nowadays, it can be challenging to keep calm and find your center.

Well, you can get some much-needed relaxation in the shower with the help of The Zen Club shower fizzers. A shower fizzer is an aromatherapy steamer, which basically gives your quick shower a spa-like soothing upgrade to help you destress for your physical and mental wellbeing.

The Zen Club’s shower fizzers are available in four lovely scents, namely Calming Dream, Citrus Sense, Love Bliss, and Cool Relief. Every scent is specially formulated to address your personal needs. 

Calming Dream is made with a lavender scent, which is known to help you unwind and get better sleep. If you’ve been having trouble getting a good night’s rest lately, you should definitely consider popping this into your shower time. Love Bliss is infused with a rose scent, which helps lift your mood and ease your stress. It’s a lovely way to stop and smell the roses right in your bathroom.

Meanwhile, Cool Relief contains peppermint, which gives users a fresh sense of relief. It can also help ease your headaches, which is a total win, right? Citrus Sense is best for those who need an energizing boost. You’ll feel pumped up to face life and its many surprises with this for sure. Sometimes, life can get overwhelming, and shower fizzers help you wash the stress away.

What’s fantastic about The Zen Club is that their products are not only soothing, but they’re also budget-friendly. That means you can create a spa-like atmosphere in your very own shower at a fraction of the price. Doesn’t that make you want to shop ‘til you drop already? The Zen Club products are available on Instagram and Shopee.


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