Get Heatless Curls Using Socks, T-shirts, or Scarves

When we get our hair done, heat is almost always used to wrestle our hair into the form we want them to take. We have hair straighteners and curling wands, blow dryers and wavers. While these tools definitely do the job, using them on a daily basis may result in dry and brittle hair. 

But what if you want effortless curls everyday? Do you just kill your hair by using these hair tools? 

With easy-to-find items in your house, you can get heatless curls with a few twists in your hair. Get yourself some socks, a t-shirt, or a scarf and start twisting to get beautiful curls in just a few hours. 

Sock Curls

Grab a pair of socks that reaches up to your calves or knees. Before you start twisting this into your hair, make sure your hair is brushed and dry. Divide your hair into two parts and then put one end of a sock at the top of one section. You then braid your hair using the sock as the third piece of the braid and once you reach the end of your hair, secure it with a hair tie. Leave this on overnight or a couple of hours and you’ll get effortless beach wave curls!

T-shirt Curls

For loose waves, use the t-shirt method. Start off with damp hair and then brush the tangles out. Twist up the t-shirt of your choice to create a roller shaper and then tie the ends together to create a donut-looking shape. Brush all your hair forward and then place the t-shirt circle on your head like a halo. Grab a section of your hair and then tie it around the halo. Do this until all of your hair is up and wrapped in the t-shirt. 

Robe/Scarf Curls 

Grab yourself a skinny scarf that is twice as long as your hair. Place the middle part of the scarf on the top of your head and make sure the ends are hanging past your ears. Take a section of your hair on one side and then twist it around the scarf. Combine another hair section to the one your previously twisted and repeat the process until one side is just one thick section of hair wrapped around the scarf. Do the same to the other side. 

Which one of these methods will you try?

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