How to Assemble Your Daily Hygiene Kit: Women’s Edition

Every girl has to be prepared just in case they need to freshen up outside their house. Instead of worrying about whether or not you’ve forgotten a certain item, build your own hygiene kit for when worse comes to worst! 

To assemble your daily hygiene kit, here are some essentials you should get: 

LUK Fashion Travel Bag

image 34
Image from Shopee

You’ll need a bag to contain all of your hygiene products, and this one from in Shopee has compartments for different types of items. Aside from being functional, this bag is also super cute. 

Wooden Comb 

image 35
Image from Shopee

For bad hair days, you should come prepared with a comb! Aside from untangling your hair, this wooden comb can also help with headaches if you massage your scalp with it. 

Colgate Portable Travel Pack 

image 36
Image from Shopee

This foldable toothbrush from Colgate is exactly what you need for your hygiene kit. It also comes with a toothpaste so you won’t have to worry about bad breath be it morning or evening. 

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer 

image 37
Image from Shopee

If rubbing alcohol doesn’t cut it for you, then maybe you should get these cute and compact hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works instead! You’ll always want to use this because of the number of amazing smells they are offered in. 

Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant 

image 38
Image from Shopee

Swiping on some deodorant will make sure you’re sweat and odor free. Secret’s Invisible Solid Deodorant is a must for your hygiene kit as it will make sure you’re fresh anywhere and anytime. 

Sinaya Cup

image 39
Image from Shopee

Instead of buying tampons or napkins for your red days, why not get a menstrual cup instead? Unlike tampons and napkins, this will last you for years. It’s also easier to pack and bring with you because it’s just one item inside a small pouch. 

pH Care Feminine Wipes 

image 40
Image from Shopee

Feminine wipes are perfect for when you’re on the go and don’t have the time to wash with feminine wash. Having this in your hygiene kit will make sure you’re fresh and clean down there always. 

Want to stay beautiful and fresh all the time? Visit Shopee’s website for more items that will help you keep fresh all day and give you the confidence you need throughout the day, so say goodbye to sweat and dirt!

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