Hair jobs don’t come cheap. Between the service rendered, the products being used, and the maintenance your hair needs after, it can be a lot. But what makes the process worth it is seeing your beautifully dyed hair live out its best life for as long as possible.

How to Care for Dyed Hair
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If you’re tired of seeing yellow and bronze-y locks, or frizzed-out, dry hair, check out our tips for how to properly care for your newly dyed ‘do.

Invest in blue/purple/silver shampoo

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The first mistake people make in colored hair care is that they use regular shampoos. It pays to invest in these colored shampoos to keep your hair as close to its dyed color as much as possible. These shampoos neutralize unwanted colors in your hair, like orange and yellow. Use blue shampoo for darker hair, silver for silver and gray hair, and purple for blonde hair once a week to avoid those brassy tones.

Skip the pool day

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Chlorine and salt water can actually do some serious damage to the color in your hair. Chlorine especially has been known to turn blonde hair green — yikes! The sun is also very harmful to colored hair; it can fade the color and lead to dry and brittle strands. If you must go out for that beach or pool day, spray some heat protectant on your locks and tie them up to preserve the pigments.

Shower in between days

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Just as pool and ocean water can damage colored hair, regular shower water can also cause color fading over time. Showering every other day or two with colder water will help your hair keep its natural oils and stay moisturized. Make sure to also look into sulfate-free shampoo and color-safe products to maintain a healthy head of hair.

Buy that leave-in conditioner

Part of taking care of dyed hair means buying leave-in conditioner (along with dry shampoo). Leave-in conditioner forms a protective barrier on the strands, protecting your hair from heat tools and other elements. It’s a must for those that regularly use blow dryers, straighteners, or curlers.

Go back for touch-ups

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Maintenance is expensive, people! When your roots start to grow out or you feel that you’re in need for some deep treatment, you should take a trip to your salon for some proper hair care. Hot oil treatments, regular trims, and touch-ups every couple of months will have your hairdo looking good as new.


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