Enjoy the ever-versatile Paisley print with Esprit Bandana Collection

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Known in the fashion world for more than 50 years, Esprit has become a household name for its Californian vibe and style. It’s the top of mind choice for the fashion aficionado and a brand worthy to splurge on because of its quality pieces. 

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Photo from Esprit

From clothing to accessories, Esprit has been a long-time staple in casual wear. It is perfect for the young, spirited, and lively individuals who are into playing with the conventional styles to come up with something unique yet classy. Recently, they’ve launched the Bandana print collection online via www.cinderella.com.ph and we are head over heels with everything– badass prints, unique details, and all! Here are our top picks:

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Bandana with a Paisley Print | Photo from Esprit
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Shirt dress with bandana print | Photo from Esprit
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Top with a bandana print | Photo from Esprit

Discover the latest from Esprit and draw inspiration from its new styles when you visit www.cinderella.com.ph. Plus, you can earn a chance to redeem a ₱300 Esprit voucher for a minimum spend of ₱2000 when you join FreebieMNL Viber community

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