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Five “Aesthetic” Decors For Your Home Study

Spruce up your home study with aesthetic decors without breaking the bank!

Designing the ideal study can be like finding your perfect pair of blue jeans: elusive and sometimes a downright fantasy.

Whether you’re a student looking for a focused homework zone or a work-from-home warrior who just needs some peace and quiet, the quintessential study space needs to wear a lot of hats.

It needs to be chill but invigorating; tranquil but inspiring; functional but beautiful—that’s a lot for a little room to live up to, right? 

Luckily, the design world is full of inspiration, and this Lazada list has rounded up the best of the best, focusing on happy homework zones, study rooms, and home offices that will have you begging for just one more meeting or one last test. Well, maybe!

Fabric desk Lamp

Home Study Aesthetic Decors

Even the most diligent are not immune to the need for a little study break every now and then. Give your mind somewhere beautiful to wander by putting up a dramatic desk lamp in your study zone. Not only does it illuminate your space but it also gets that zen study vibe going.

Wooden Calendar

Home Study Aesthetic Decors

Never miss an important assignment or event with this tiny flip Wooden Calendar. Aside from serving its function, the calendar also serves as chic touch to your study.

Laptop stand

Home Study Aesthetic Decors

Turn any surface into a laptop desk with this Team Kahoy stand. Aside from being aligned with your entire desk’s theme, the stand provides a more ergonomic workspace by elevating your laptop six inches and tilting it forward. This positioning can help reduce neck and back pain, and eye strain.

Nordic Desktop storage rack

Home Study Aesthetic Decors

Keep your trinkets, notebooks, pens, and other important study materials organized and accessible with this desk organizer. The space-saving design includes a drawer and several compartments that can stack your things in style!

Nordic office chair

Home Study Aesthetic Decors

Where there’s a table, there is a chair! A good desk chair means less back pain. But expensive desk chairs can easily cost thousands. But expensive doesn’t mean pretty or even good. This specific design however combines both and can easily be used not just in the study but in other portions of your home as well.


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