How IKEA Envisions Bringing Harmony To Homes This 2023

For IKEA, finding that elusive harmony need not be expensive

IKEA’s Life at Home Report notes that 69% of Filipinos believe that your home is a reflection of who you are. However, the same IKEA report adds that 39% of the survey respondents are also frustrated with the disorganized spaces and lack of harmony in their homes.

People believe that resetting the home for harmony costs a fortune. However, IKEA Pasay City begs to disagree as they offer a range of affordable home solutions. IKEA’s items are designed to help arrange and organize every nook and cranny at home so that one can easily say goodbye to the mess, and hello to harmony.

IKEA’s harmony companions

All home buddies who looking at doing a “Marie Kondo” of their home, especially those who want to keep what still sparks joy needs to pay IKEA a visit.

The KALLAX (Php 3,990) shelving unit series is a top seller for its adaptability. It can easily be personalized to fit your space by positioning it standing or lying down with enough room for inserts and boxes through its shelving units. 

For parents looking to get their children’s toys and puzzles out of the way in style, the TROFAST (Php 5,250) series is the perfect item for you. As a mid-sized storage combination with lightweight plastic boxes it allows you or your child to easily slide in and out of its compartment.

Enhancing your personal space with IKEA

If you are looking for individual storage solutions that can fit in your closet, the SOPPROT (Php 490) pull-out storage unit is your best choice out there. Since it comes in various sizes that are stackable and easy to open, it’s perfect for storing clothes and accessories. 

On the other hand, if the clutter on your work desk has been slowing your productivity, the DRONJONS (starts at Php 60) or the KUGGIS (Php 190) are classic pieces to hold all your important files and office essentials.

If you have been lurking on TikTok and you’re in need of satisfying food containers,then you can explore the IKEA 365+ series (Php 160). Not only are these containers useful in keeping your meals and ingredients fresh for use, they are also sustainable and reusable.

Apart from these smart storage solutions that can help you organize your home for your peace of mind, IKEA Pasay City also brings additional exclusive offers to IKEA Family members.

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