Kitty Collections: Six Things Every Cat Owner Must Have

Whether you have a cat or plan to get one, consider getting these right “meow”!

Sure, a liter box, a food bowl, and a cat bed are essential. But what if I there were things you and your cat might need for a better environment at home?

Here are six must-haves that every cat owner should get for themselves and their fury little friends for a better environment:

Scratch Pad Mat

Screenshot 567 1
You can hang it or wrap it anywhere and anyway you like!

Cats love to groom, and that involves scratching their nails on surfaces. Consider getting this scratch pad mat to avoid your cat messing up your couch, bed, or clothes! 

It’s common to see cats scratching on roped poles, so if the mat isn’t enough, maybe consider getting abaca ropes to wrap around literally anything in the house for your cats to go ham on. 

You can lay it on the ground, hang it or use it to cover couch heads; these will totally save your sofas and your cat’s nails!

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Shed-control Brush

Screenshot 565
Great for scratches and for maintaining fur.

This item is purr-fect for cats with thick, long manes. 

It doesn’t matter if they’ve got long or short hair; cats tend to shed, so get these painless grooming brushes

They help control shedding and provide an excellent scratcher for cats who love a good pet! The brush comes with a convenient button that pushes out the excess hair. 

Lint Fur Remover 

Screenshot 564
After using the brush, you’re gonna need this to clean up the residue on clothes, carpets and sheets.

If you’re one to rock dark colors or have dark-colored sheets, you have to have this. 

No matter what you do, cats will shed, even by a little. You’ll need this Lint Fur remover to get the fur off your clothes and sheets.

You just roll it onto the fabric, and the fur comes off! It’ll be a lifesaver for your perfect black shirts and dark sweatpants. Cuddle with your kitty all you want but still save your clothes. 

Sounds great, no? 

Self-Grooming Scratcher

Screenshot 563
An easy stick to any surface, a cat favorite.

This is more for your cat than it is for you. You’ll want to have a self-grooming scratcher if you might be out all day, despite having a clingy kitty. 

Cat’s love chin and face scratches, but sometimes we’re either out or too busy to give them the scratches they want. Worry not! This nifty device can be stuck on any corner. It comes with catnip, too, to entice them.

Turntable Tower

Screenshot 562
An interactive and intellectual way for your cats to play!

Cats are hunters and love to chase things around. You could either go for a traditional wand teaser or this interactive turntable tower

Cats are very playful creatures. They love to play when they’re not asleep or begging you for food. If they don’t, they get the zoomies, and as adorable as it sounds, it’s something you’d want to witness if you’ve got picture frames, glass ornaments, or thin patience in the middle of the night. 

This toy keeps them busy and entertained without you having to make too much of an effort! 

Cat Tower/Condo

Screenshot 561
A different view of the place gives cats confidence. Let your kitty climb high.

Cat towers aren’t just for show. Cats actually kind of need them. 

You should get this if you don’t want them climbing onto high shelves with fragile objects or ornaments. 

Cats aren’t as low—maintenance as people make it seem. They need lots of attention and love and your wallet. Anything for our little fur babies, right? 

Featured Image Daniella Sison


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