Make your kids’ quarantine days at home more memorable with OshKosh B’gosh!

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Photo from Unsplash

Kids miss going outside. Since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, all of us had to stay inside our homes for safety. However, don’t let them miss the fun of playing and doing things together even while at home. And to make things more memorable for them, allow them to wear comfy and stylish clothes while at play.

When it comes to clothing, OshKosh B’gosh is every mom’s top of mind choice.

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One of the world’s most recognized names in children’s clothing, OshKosh B’gosh has designs with a playful personality that celebrates the imagination and creativity of the kids who wear it. Loved by both moms and kids here and across the globe, the brand has a variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories for infants and kids.

Cop these cutest clothes from OshKosh B’gosh!

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Infant Girl Believe in Magic Graphic Tee | Photo from OshKosh B’gosh
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Infant Girl Floral Woven Shorts | Photo from OshKosh B’gosh
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Toddler Boy Good Vibes Only Statement Tee | Photo from OshKosh B’gosh
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Toddler Boy Plaid Shorts | Photo from OshKosh B’gosh
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Toddler Girl Happy To Be Me Tee | Photo from OshKosh B’gosh
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Toddler Girl Printed Woven Shorts | Photo from OshKosh B’gosh

Being a trusted kids’ clothing brand, Cinderella Marketing Corporation brought OshKosh B’gosh here in the Philippines to cater to more moms and their kids. You can browse the brand’s superb pieces at and cart your way to redeeming a P100 voucher for a minimum spend of ₱1500 from OshKosh Philippines in partnership with FreebieMNL! To redeem your voucher, you must join FreebieMNL’s Viber community

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Photo from OshKosh B’gosh

Let your kids’ creativity and playfulness flourish with OshKosh B’gosh!


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