RELX Elevates Vaping Experience With Infinity 2.0 Device

The new Infinity 2.0 device comes in three modes and six new colors

The arrival of vapes in the market has proven their viability over tobacco-based cigarettes. Other than their purpose to minimize health risks, they also offer users several advantages in terms of cost and overall smoking experience. 

RELX Infinity 2.0 device

Just when people thought they had seen the best of it, here comes vape brand RELX with yet another addition to the mighty reputation it has.

With its well-received standing among younger consumers, RELX then just elevates smoking even more with the Infinity 2.0 device. From Infinity to Infinity Plus now comes Infinity 2.0, which reimagines user experience through several upgrades. 

RELX Infinity 2.0 device power modes

For one, the latest device is customizable through its “three-level power” options. One simple click is all it takes to switch from one mode to another—giving users a whole new level of personalization in one pocketable stick. 

The boost mode allows for “richer taste and larger cloud,” which can be a fitting option for those who usually go with one full blow. 

Second is the smooth mode that provides “just the right amount of strength” when users feel going “in between.” Lastly, it comes with the eco mode that extends pod usage for “maximum efficiency throughout the day.”

This particular upgrade is enforced by an improved 400 mAh battery that completes charging in as fast as 15 minutes. On top of that, keeping tabs on battery percentage is easier with its new LED indicator.

RELX Infinity 2.0 comes in six new colors 

In its attempt to “enhancing user experience,” RELX has introduced eight colorways: Obsidian Black, Green Navy, Cherry Blossom, Royal Indigo, Blue Bay, and Dark Asteroid.


With the infusion of “battery longevity ,cutting edge design, and multiple color selection,” RELX brands its Infinity 2.0 as a “must-have” of all vaping enthusiasts. 

RELX devices and pods are available in more than 300 exclusive stores  on top of 2,500 7-Eleven stores and 200 Uncle John stores nationwide. Users can also score it online through its flagship stores in Shopee, Lazada, and other authorized resellers. 

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