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Vivoree: Enjoying Youth, Enjoying Life

Being tossed under the limelight quite early, it is easy to assume that 23-year-old actress-singer Vivoree has lost most of her teenage life to the taxing demands of showbiz.  

As she started her career in ABS-CBN’s “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7” at the tender age of 16, it is fitting to say that a chunk of her youth flew by. She has since been pursuing her showbiz career relentlessly, with some members of the industry quick to say she is, “all work, no fun.”

This, however, is not true, as Vivoree knows how to find balance and simple joys in the little things. 

With the demands of work, Vivoree still knows how to nurture the little girl in her, even if it simply means binge-watching anime, buying toys, and just having fun whenever possible.

Truth be told, Vivoree knows how to have fun. This became evident in the way she arrived at the FreebieMNL shoot with a positive disposition despite the unforgiving traffic of EDSA. The shoot finished on the dot—all thanks to Vivoree’s lively demeanor and confidence.

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Old soul, modern woman

As Vivoree settled down for makeup and wardrobe, the room was filled with music from a distant past—a thing she admits being fond of. 

May pagka-old soul talaga ako. Although siyempre ina-adopt ko rin naman yung bagong music. Pero for me talaga, hindi naluluma yung mga old songs, iba pa rin talaga yung feels,” she says.

The actress-singer’s love for the classics is owed mainly to her parents’ early inspirations and influences. The constant playing of old songs in their provincial household cultivated her taste for a relatively “simple” message as compared to “fast-paced” modern music. 

She recalls, “Yung parents ko, growing up sa probinsya, talagang yun talaga pinapatugtog nila—mga old songs. Parang ako, it feels warm kapag nakikinig ako ng mga old songs. 

At saka parang sa modern songs kasi, may pagka-fast-paced siya. So, parang ang daming nangyayari. Pero sa mga old songs, simple lang pero ramdam mo yung emotions niya, ano talaga yung message na pino-portray ng mga kanta, which is something that I really, really like and tine-treasure yung mga ganung music.” 

With her appreciation for both old and new music, it is apparent that Vivoree treats her musical craft with respect and versatility.

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As old a soul she may have, Vivoree still knows how to draw the line between what used to be and what is ahead. With that comes an epiphany that her past is in a continuum with her present.

She says: “Balance lang siguro. Mag-adapt ka kung anong nangyayari sa present, sa modern world. But at the same time, you never forget ano yung mga nangyari in the past.

“Like, especially in my personal life, I don’t really forget what I went through kasi alam ko na lahat ng mga nangyari sa akin in the past made me who I am today.“

Finding balance is also important in Vivoree’s work and personal life. She recognizes this even more when work and hobbies yield learnings that contribute to her growth both in showbiz and in private. 

As she puts it, “I’m working, but at the same time, everything that I’m experiencing right now, I’m enjoying in a sense na parang natututo ako sa mga experiences ko. And even outside work, parang I never stop learning, like, for example, another hobby. 

“I learn another hobby or I learn another knowledge about life, like anything, about music, about books. And I never stop learning. That’s how I enjoy it.”

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On being a Gen Z icon

After her “Pinoy Big Brother” stint, the public embraced a new Vivoree—someone who can both act and sing. 

While putting out good music, she did multiple youth-oriented shows, including IWantTFC’s original series “Tara, G!” and the romantic-comedy series “He’s Into Her.” 

She also tried her hand at hosting with PIE Channel’s shows, primarily in “Pak Na Pak! Palong Follow.”

Her sufficient exposure in both music and showbiz is a good representation of Generation Z, which she admittedly takes positive pressure from.

“If wala namang pressure, parang hindi ako mamo-motivate to do [my] best. So, parang there’s pressure as long as I acknowledge it. And then, I do my best para i-present yung sarili ko, like, always [put] my best foot forward. Yun lang talaga ang importante sa akin,” she shares.

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Vivoree is no stranger to this type of setup as she acts as a role model for her younger siblings. This deeply embedded value has been substantial in keeping her relatable disposition in show business. 

She reveals, “I think, since I am the eldest, parang given na talaga na you have to be a role model sa mga kapatid mo. Parang yun din yung dinadala ko sa, even in showbiz, na parang, I have to be a role model. 

Kumbaga, yung mga values and character mo talaga as a person, kailangan talaga mabait ka sa lahat. 

“Not just mabait pero yung pagiging sincere and genuine mo towards everybody. Wala kang pinipiling tao, wala kang inaapakan na kahit sino, as long as you’re sensitive and pinapakiramdaman mo lahat ng tao sa paligid mo. That’s how you would be a good role model.“

Beyond her kind demeanor, Vivoree takes great pride in being authentic by going back to what she does best—maintaining a good look at her history and her inner self, in order to navigate the great unknown. 

She shares: “Ako kasi yung tipo ng tao na kung ano yung trend, hindi talaga ako sumasabay. So, parang medyo nakikita yung pagiging authentic ko in a way na parang I stay the same and kung sino ako dati. Kumbaga inaalala ko palagi, parang, hindi na siya simple girl.

“Parang kung ano yung values ko and kung sino talaga ako dati, like yung pinaka-core kung sino talaga ako, ganun pa rin ako. May naa-adapt lang ako sa changes and sa environment pero kung ano talaga ‘yung pinaka core ko, dinadala ko pa rin siya until now.”

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A hard push out of her shell

With Vivoree’s eyes set heavily on the upcoming theatrical remake of “Tabing Ilog” as Eds, she could not help but reminisce about the daunting transitions she underwent to find her confidence. 

From a timid girl inside the PBB house to the self-assured young woman that she is today, Vivoree reveals having to tread a challenging path.

She shares, “Honestly, hindi talaga siya madali. Super! It took me a lot of time, a lot of courage, and ang daming beses ko na umiyak talaga na hindi alam ng mga tao na hindi ko lang pinapakita, even sa family ko.”

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Vivoree has even looked back at the time of intense pressure during the “Your Face Sounds Familiar” days, which she views as her major turning point.

She recalls: “That show really helped me a lot, kahit na super nag-struggle ako, umiiyak ako, nate-tense ako.”

“That was pandemic, and yun ang last season ng ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar.’ And talagang binugbog ako. Hindi naman literally, pero alam mo yung parang emotionally, like how I think, nag-iba talaga. Kumbaga talagang pinalabas ako sa shell ko. 

“And since then, mas natututo ako, talagang pinu-push ko yung sarili ko to take the risk and always say yes to everything. As long as alam kong makakabuti, kahit na nahihirapan ako, pero that just means that I’m doing the right thing.”

Vivoree, who describes herself as “strong-willed,” won’t succumb to challenges that might come her way. Her learnings have kept her head upright for she knows that her inner child and future self are just two of the many facets of herself that need to be nurtured and discovered.

Photography Stephen Capuchino
Art and Art Direction Alexandra Lara
Cover Story Rod Hagen
Interview Jimpy Anarcon and Rod Hagen
Styling Bryan Laroza of Broza Studios
Makeup Janell Capuchino
Hair Miggy Carbonilla
Special Thanks to Mico del Rosario and Pat Rigodon of RISE Artists Studio

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