End Of An Era: Why Is PBB House Being Demolished?

Is it finally closing its doors? Direk Lauren shares the reason behind the PBB House demolition

“Pinoy Big Brother” personalities cannot help but feel nostalgic as the half portion of the Bahay ni Kuya recently started demolition.

In an Instagram post on May 13, ABS-CBN executive Laurenti Dyogi shared a video of his visit to the PBB House, showing rooms that were being torn apart.


“I was able to visit the Pinoy Big Brother House because @raymdizon informed me that we will start the demolition of one half of the PBB House which we built at the start of Pinoy Dream Academy about 17 years ago, in 2006,” Dyogi began the lengthy caption.

The half portion of the PBB house, dubbed “House B”, had offices, brainstorming space, a pantry, hosts’ dressing rooms, a mini studio with control room, and living quarters. All of these had their fair share of “good memories and even scary experiences” for the people behind the reality show.

Upon hearing about this, fans of Bahay ni Kuya cannot help but wonder: why is House B being demolished? Is “PBB” finally closing its doors to aspiring housemates?

The answer is no.

According to Dyogi, the demolition happened as they deemed impractical to renew the expired lease for the PBB House’s half portion. Despite this, they are keeping the other half.

“We still have the main PBB house and control room which hopefully we still get to use for the next PBB edition,” Dyogi explained.

So, good news, aspiring housemates: PBB is here to stay–or return soon, for that matter.

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Good times and unforgettable memories

Following the news of the demolition, former PBB housemates and hosts Bianca Gonzalez and Robi Domingo paid a visit to the House B while it still stands.

In an Instagram post, the former “PBB: Celebrity Edition 1” housemate shared a photo of her and Domingo posing outside the part of the house currently undergoing demolition.

PBB House
PHOTO: iamsuperbianca on Instagram

“When we found out that half of the PBB House would be demolished soon, we HAD to visit. Too many memories on this side of the house: from the hallways that saw our highest highs and our lowest lows (if those walls could talk!!!), from our small studio inside where we did hundreds of spiels (and blunders), to the balcony tambayan when things got too heated (or it was too cold) inside, to this not so secret door where fans of the housemates patiently waited for hours,” the reality show’s main host said.

Former PBB housemates Loisa Andalio and Fifth Solomon from “PBB: All In: as well as Lou Yanong and Jelay Pilones from “PBB Otso” also expressed their sadness over the demolition by commenting sad-face emojis in Gonzalez’s post.

Robi, who became a housemate during “PBB: Teen Edition Plus,” also shared his photos in front of the main PBB house during their visit.

PBB House
PHOTO: iamrobidomingo on Instagram

“A part of the house may be gone but whatever happens, you’ll always be our home,” he said.

Although deeply saddened, PBB personalities are hopeful for the future that’s in store for “Bahay ni Kuya.”

“It’s an end of an era but hopefully we move on and find a better home in the future!” Dyogi said.

The iconic PBB house was built in 2004 and is currently 18 years old. Aside from becoming a landmark in the area, it also created history in Philippine pop culture and media.

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Words Ria Javate

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