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Intelligence and growth for your
brand that won’t break the bank

The FreebieMNL Guarantee

Our solution is simple: Higher clickthrough rates for ads & content, and above benchmark completion rates for our digital surveys, significantly better than what brands can get from SMS, email and social media ads.

Our secret? Access to 90 million users, smart targeting based on a rich and segmented user base, and access to active, high traffic channels, such as our website, our Viber channels, and our Facebook Messenger community.

FreebieMNL Stats

Massive User Base

16 million

Access to 16 million subscribers per month

Engaged and Performing Platform

2 million

2 million reach across all FreebieMNL owned channels

Above Average Benchmarks


open rate on FreebieMNL’s chat platforms (700% better than SMS and social media)


clickthrough rate for ads and content (150% higher than SMS and social media)


completion rate for surveys
(20% better than other survey platforms)

Types of Advertising Available

Targeted Digital Placement

Secure a digital banner on our website, or broadcast your brand promotions and content to your preferred target audience through our social media messaging channels.

Content Marketing

Highlight your brand in one of our features and drive both awareness, traffic and conversion to your platforms.

Hyper-Targeted Surveys

Get the pulse of your audience and acquire market intelligence by targeting customized surveys to your preferred audience.

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