Hotel in South Korea to Host Squid Game Event

Netflix’s blockbuster Squid Game is set to happen in real life at a South Korean hotel later this month. The dystopian series featuring children’s games are going to be recreated (sans the killing, of course) and fans are excited to see how it will unfold. According to Korea Times, the event will take place on October 24 at the St. John’s Hotel in Gangneung, Gangwon Province.

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Photo: Netflix/Squid Game

Sold Out Event

St. John’s Hotel announced on their Instagram page that the event is open to players of all ages, including those who aren’t hotel guests. However, there is a 10,000 won early registration fee and a 12,000 won on-site ticketing fee. The event sold out two days after the announcement, which is no surprise given the popularity of the show. Those who do not obey the rules or do not show up on the day of the event will automatically be eliminated.

Games and Prizes

Just like in the series, participants would be given a business card with the phone number of the game organizer written on it. Players go through four different rounds, including the Red Light, Green Light game, tug of war, “ttakji chigi” (paper tile flipping), and the infamous Dalgona or Honeycomb Challenge. In addition, the host’s identity will not be revealed until the end of the game. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of 5 million won.

Possible Cancellation of Event

The city government of Gangneung issued an administrative order prohibiting the hotel from hosting the event, citing that it conflicts with the province’s social distancing regulations. Currently, an accommodation facility cannot host events involving large crowds, and private gatherings are limited to eight people.

The hotel management said they’re still evaluating whether to cancel the event or make changes with the format to abide by the social distancing guidelines. Invitations will soon be sent to those who have applied and paid thus far.

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