Why Dicta License’s Pochoy Labog Will Criticize Leni Robredo If She Wins

His support for her comes with a caveat.

Since Dicta License’s 2005 debut, they’ve been all about having social consciousness. That’s not surprising, given that their frontman Pochoy Labog has a day job as a human rights lawyer.

Labog has always channeled his experiences into his music. Their albums Paghilom and Pagbigkas are cut from the same politically-charged cloth. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the content of their lyrics.

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Photo by Aram Lascano

When asked how he feels when his beliefs don’t align with those of their fans’, Labog says it’s hard. But he won’t stop engaging with those who don’t share his beliefs.

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“We say certain things because of data. You can’t force people to believe what you believe, but you have to try to get them to face facts. Be careful when you do to avoid escalating the situation.”

Pochoy Labog on Leni Robredo

Since Election Day is fast approaching, FreebieMNL asked Labog for his thoughts on it.

Labog stresses that Filipinos should vote wisely. He says voters should check candidates’ qualifications.

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Photo by Aram Lascano

“Tingnan natin yung yung track record ng mga kandidato. ‘Wag maging regionalistic or mag-subscribe sa idolatry. Maging informed tayo.”

(“Let’s examine candidates’ track records. Don’t be regionalistic or subscribe to idolatry. Be informed.”)

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Photo by Aram Lascano

As a fellow lawyer, Labog says he supports Vice President Leni Robredo’s candidacy. He clarifies that it’s because her performance so far has been “okay.” But his support comes with a caveat.

“Hindi ko siya iniidolo. Kung manalo siya tapos magkamali siya, I will criticize her,” he says.

(“I don’t idolize her. If she wins and does something wrong, I will criticize her.”)

Pochoy Labog hopes more Filipinos will adopt his mindset. He believes that politicians aren’t celebrities and we shouldn’t treat them as such.

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