So long, logbooks: MRT-3 is set to have its own contact tracing app

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If you’ve ridden the MRT-3 lately, you’d know that crowds tend to pile up in stations quickly because everyone has to line up and fill out the contact tracing form. Not counting the queues, you’re also made to write with the pen that everyone else has used, on the logbook that everyone else has touched.

Hopefully, that won’t be the case moving forward. As announced on Tuesday by the MRT-3 administrators, the transit system is set to launch its own contact tracing app: the MRT-3 Trace.

The mobile app is currently in soft launch and has already allowed users to sign up for the service. To register, visit the app’s website and sign up for an account by providing all the required information.

You will have to turn on your phone’s GPS or geo-location function so that your location is traced while using the app. To use the service, you can either choose your entry and exit stations on the app, or click either “Geo-Ride” or “Scan Ride” on the app. Then, key in all the information as you would in regular contact tracing forms: your body temperature, presence of COVID-19 symptoms, and travel history. To complete your response, scan the QR code posted in every MRT-3 station so it will be recorded.

The full implementation of the app will begin in February. However, if you don’t have a smartphone, you may still opt to manually fill out the contact tracing forms posted in all MRT-3 stations.

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