Carmina Villarroel Addresses People Who Hurt Her Kids Mavy And Cassy Legaspi

Carmina holds the line for her kids against people with ill intentions

Carmina Villarroel has aired her sentiment about some people who physically and emotionally hurt her children Mavy and Cassy Legaspi. 

The celebrity mom has spoken up about this and more in a YouTube interview with entertainment columnist Ogie Diaz, which was published on Sunday, January 28, 2024. 

All throughout the vlog, Carmina had been vocal about what kind of mother she is to her twins. From her kids’ decision to join showbiz up to their love life, she reveals being the type of parent who always extends support.

At one point of the interview, Ogie has tapped on the innate parental instinct to protect and care too much for the kids. Thus he says, “Hindi ko nga mapadapuan sa lamok yan, ‘tapos sasaktan ng kahit sino.” 

Agreeing to Ogie’s statement, Carmina says that she’s more of a soft parent than her husband Zoren Legaspi who holds more command when it comes to parenting. 

Carmina Villarroel and family
Carmina Villarroel, Zoren Legaspi, Mavy Legaspi, Cassy Legaspi
IMAGE: mina_villarroel on Instagram

As for her, “Ako talaga, kahit nung mga bata sila, ‘di ba dati, nasa Bible naman ‘yan, may spanking rod ka para maturuan mo yung anak mo? Ako, hindi ko kaya yun.

Si Zoren ang may spanking rod. Hindi ko talaga sila kayang saktan or paluin.” 

With that, Carmina says that no one has the right to emotionally damage or lay a finger on her kids. She continues, “Kasi ang sa akin, unang-una, walang sinuman ang pwedeng manakit sa ’yo physically and emotionally.

“They have no right. So, whether magulang ka o kaya girlfriend ka, boyfriend ka, saktan ka physically, emotionally, hindi tama. Kasi bakit napunta sa ganun, di ba?”  

This has always been the lesson that Carmina tries to instill on her kids—that “once na may nanakit sa inyo physically or emotionally, or verbally abused kayo, ay hindi pwede yan. That’s a no no.”

For Carmina, the exercise of such only indicates that a person has no respect towards her kids.

She adds, “Yun yung tinuturo ko sa mga anak ko na huwag kayong papayag kasi hindi tama. Hindi tama na manakit ng kapwa.” 

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Carmina Villarroel laments whenever someone hurts her kids 

During the interview, Ogie alsoasked Carmina if she ever grieves whenever her kids get hurt. Quickly, she replies with, “Ay, siyempre.” 

Ogie asks, “Naiiyak ka sa gigil? Sa inis,” to which Carmina affirms, “Oo, oo! Kasi parang, why? Why?”

For Carmina, Mavy and Cassy do not deserve to get hurt. “Alam ko mababait yung anak ko,” she says. 

She continues with, “Hindi ko sinasabi na perfect sila pero bakit ganun? So, naiiyak ako because siyempre, mga anak ko sila, di ba? Naiiyak ako kasi parang bakit? Bakit niyo ‘to ginagawa sa kanila. Hindi ko naiintindihan.” 

Despite carrying such a burden, Carmina says she cannot do anything about it since she’s not the type of person to exact revenge on people who wronged her or her kids for that matter. 

Carmina and Zoren tied the knot in 2012 in an intimate wedding ceremony held in Alabang. They already have the twins prior to the wedding, born on the 6th of January, 2001. 

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