When Is The “Golden Age Of OPM” For Chito Miranda?

He revealed that artists from the ’90s we’re heavily “underpaid”

It is no secret that Filipino fans cherish the ’90s era of Original Pilipino Music deeply. It was the age when bands like Eraserheads, Rivermaya, and Parokya ni Edgar released their greatest hits.

However, Chito Miranda believes the current music landscape surpasses even that era of OPM.

Chito is an OPM icon himself, being Parokya ni Edgar’s frontman. He is currently a coach for GMA-7’s “The Voice Generations,” alongside Billy Crawford, Julie Anne San Jose, and SB19’s Stell Ajero.

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In an Instagram post, Chito reflected on the past when artists like them were often relegated to a “second-class citizens” status, regardless of their achievements. He noted that this has changed significantly today, with emerging talents and established acts receiving the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Recalling the ’90s, Chito shared, “Back then, it was such a joyful time… but during that era, we were all underpaid, squeezing into a shared hotel room, usually lacking proper backstage or dressing rooms, and the sound system wasn’t up to par.”

He added, “Even though the bands were immensely popular, we still felt like second-class citizens compared to mainstream singers and artists.

“Bands and artists now receive due compensation and are treated like celebrities. From our veteran acts like PNE and KMKZ, to the younger artists like Ben&Ben, DecAve, Zack Tabudlo, Flow G, SB19, and more… all are now treated with the respect artists should receive.”

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Chito also highlighted artists’ newfound artistic freedom, as they no longer depend on mainstream media and recording companies for success.

“They can simply create what resonates with them without being concerned if it will appeal to the masses or meet radio-friendly criteria. They can record and release music at their own pace,” he explained.

“It’s akin to painting – we get to experience their most authentic creations… and it’s heartening to see how much Filipinos appreciate it.”

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In the comments, Chito acknowledged the presence of exceptional local acts across different eras. He clarified that his post aimed to underscore the industry’s evolution and the improved treatment of artists like himself in the contemporary landscape.

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PHOTO Parokya ni Edgar

“I want to clarify that I wasn’t trying to suggest that today’s young artists are more talented than ’90s bands, or vice versa, or that the ’90s were superior to the ’80s, and so on,” he clarified.

“But what I appreciate about the current scenario is that both old and new bands and artists are now given the respect they deserve… much more than before.”

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