Janella Salvador Breaks Silence On “It’s Showtime” Guesting Backlash

Janella remains firm that she will never apologize for setting a valid boundary

Janella Salvador has bared her sentiments over a recent backlash she faced after her “It’s Showtime” guesting with Thai actor, Win Metawin.  

The 26-year-old actress has drawn flak from netizens after she refused to give a sample during her visit to the ABS-CBN noontime program on April 2, 2024. She was accompanied by Win who will co-star in their upcoming film, ”Under Parallel Skies.”

In promotion of her album “Headtone” and concert of the same title, Janella was asked by Kim Chiu to give a bit. However, she immediately cut the request short , saying that she can’t do so since her voice is hoarse. 

Janella Salvador
Janella Salvador
IMAGE: superjanella on Instagram

Ruffled by Janella’s “paos ako, kayo na lang” remark, a heavy surge of feedback claims that the actress was disrespectful in dismissing Kim. 

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Amid backlash, Janella has taken to X (formerly Twitter) her sentiments on the issue. In a tweet published on April 5, she explains that it was never her intention to disrespect anyone. Just as much, she extended her gratitude to those who chose to stick by her side. 

She writes, “Oh wow. I’ve been meaning to explain myself because the last thing I would ever want is to appear rude or disrespectful.

“And here I am being met with so much love and comfort upon opening this app. Thank you. It makes me happy to know that there are many people out there who know my heart and what I stand for. 

“Hugs of gratitude (from behind)” 

In a succeeding tweet, Janella emphasizes that she only apologizes for the harm it may have caused on someone else’s feelings—but never for “setting a valid boundary.” 

Her tweet reads, “And just to be clear, I have personally apologized for unintentionally offending someone but not for setting a valid boundary. If you twist my words that’s on you.

 “I will always be assertive but never disrespectful. If you can’t tell the difference and find something wrong with that, then you’re a people pleaser and again…that’s on you. 

In the same tweet, Janella warns those who try to bring her son Jude into the narrative—given that she has been receiving “slut-shaming” remarks from the netizens. 

She continues, “Don’t you dare try and involve my son. The way most of y’all are boomers too. Embarrassing.”

The backlash was believed to have stemmed from Vice Ganda’s comment during the “EXpecially For You” segment—wherein he re-echoed Janella’s remarks for a searchee that does not want to give a sample. 

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