Jennica Garcia Puts Relationship With Estranged Husband Alwyn Uytingco Behind

Jennica decided to tuck in a chapter of her life behind

“Fractured” star Jennica Garcia has bared in an interview that she already reached the end of the love line for estranged husband Alwyn Uytingco. 

Jennica and her mother, veteran actress Jean Garcia, have recently graced a YouTube interview with Karen Davila on November 16.

In the interview, Jennica admits that reconciling with Alwyn is long overdue and she already had her final straw on the relationship. 

“Not anymore Miss Karen. Hindi na po,” Jennica answers when Karen asked if there is still a chance to mend his romance with Alwyn. 

Nalaman ko na hindi ko na siya… hindi na ako magmi-make ng effort to make it work because when we separated, I already gave my all for another year to, like, to try,” she adds. 

Jennica Garcia
Jennica Garcia
IMAGE: jennicagarciaph on Instagram

Jean then reveals that before Jennica’s decision, she and Alwyn tried to get back together. However, despite Alwyn’s “willingness” to fix the dents in their relationship, Jennica says that she slowly lost her interest and fell out of love. 

She says, “Sa totoo lang po, parang ako na po yung problema after nung one year.

Parang, we don’t fight. We don’t. Kasi nga po, ayaw ko po ng conflict, ‘di ba?

“So, hindi po ako. Pero hindi ko po napansin na sa one year pala na yun, parang nag-move on na po pala ako nang hindi ko alam.

“Kaya feeling ko po, nung sinabi ko rin sa kanya na, ‘Pasensya ka na, ayoko na,’ feeling ko po nagulat din siya.” 

Alwyn Uytingco
Alwyn Uytingco
IMAGE alwynzky on Instagram

For Jennica, she thinks that her husband would feel as if there was no pressing matter behind her decision since, as she says, “Okay naman kami.” However, she just knows in her guts that if they carry on with the relationship, there would be possible misgivings.

She says, “Ang problema, alam ko kapagka tinuloy ko pa, hindi ko makikitang enough yung sarili ko, matatakot akong tumanda.” 

Jennica Garcia
Jennica Garcia
IMAGE: jennicagarciaph on Instagram

Jennica also reveals that she never ran short of effort when they were still together. In fact, she says she has learned to do things that she hasn’t done before—one of which is putting on a concealer. 

Jennica says, “Sobrang simple ko po kasi talaga na hindi po ako ma-makeup na tao ‘pag walang trabaho, ganyan. 

Dito ko na feel na nasa bahay lang ako, pero parang kailangan kong mag-concealer ata. Yung ganun na ako mabuhay.

Nagkataon pa na when I was married with him, I know I gave my 200 percent. Yung ganun. So, parang nung bumalik siya, parang nung umalis siya, binigay ko yung 200, parang wala na akong 300 na ibigay.

Yung napi-pressure po ako, pakiramdam ko, ‘Okay, hindi enough yung nabigay ko. So, dapat magbigay ako ng bago, para hindi na siya aalis.’ Parang ganun.” 

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Jennica Garcia gets a piece of advice from Jean

In the same interview, Jean Garcia says that prior to Jennica’s decision to put an end to the relationship, she first asked her daughter if she could give it a chance. 

Jean says, “I think, nasabi ko naman yun, anak, na parang ano, ‘Kasi kung pwedeng ayusin, ayusin niyo.’”

However, Jean did not press too much, as according to her, she respects her daughter’s decision and she has been down that road before. 

Sinabihan ko rin siya na hindi naman porke, kunwari, ‘Mag-decide ka na maghiwalay kayo o hindi,’ sabi ko, ‘Tuloy naman ang buhay mo, e,’ sabi ko. At saka, ‘Nandito ako.’” 

News of Jennica and Alwyn’s rocky relationship first made headlines in 2021, when Jennica wiped out traces of her husband on her Instagram account. 

Following this, Jennica confirmed in an exclusive interview with GMA-7 that she and her husband finally parted ways. 

In an outright declaration, Jennica says, “From a family of four, we are now just a family of three, sacrifices must really be made.”  

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