Director Todd Phillips Confirms ‘Joker 2’ Is In The Works

Are we finally going to see Harley Quinn team up with her puddin’?

Director Todd Phillips has finally announced that a Joker sequel is in the works. He will co-write the screenplay with Scott Silver. Phillips also revealed that the sequel’s title is Joker: Folie à Deux.”

“Folie à Deux” refers to a shared delusional disorder. In other words, “madness for two.” Fans believe the title is a hint at an appearance by Harley or Batman himself.

The sequel follows the events of Joaquin Phoenix’s first standalone film. Released in 2019, Joker traces the origin story of the Clown Prince of Crime. It was then that audiences found out that he started out as a mentally ill man named Arthur Fleck. A party clown by profession, he gets fed up with the madness that is Gotham City. That, plus a series of unfortunate events, lead to his transformation into Joker.

movie scenes joker 2019 movie hd wallpaper preview
Joaquin Phoenix as Joker | Photo from Google Images.

Upon its release, Joker was well-received by audiences and earned 11 Oscar nominations. Phoenix won Best Actor and the film won Best Original Score at the 92nd Academy Awards in 2020.

Phillips had said that he had no plans for a Joker sequel unless he could find “thematic resonance.” He added that he needed some time to think about the future of the record-breaking movie.

Joaquin Phoenix also admitted that he was unaware of any plans for a sequel. But he hinted at countless stories he’d like to tell as the Batman villain.

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We at FreebieMNL hope to see Joker partnering with his most famous paramour, Harley.

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