Juan Karlos’ “Ere” Is The First Filipino Song To Debut On The Spotify Global Chart

He says of the achievement, “Hindi pa nag-si-sink in”

Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo has made history with his latest single, “Ere.” It is now the first Filipino song to become part of the Spotify Global chart.

The track debuted at the 177th spot with an impressive 1.22 million streams, and within just two days, climbed to the 87th position with 1.45 million streams.

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In a YouTube video released by U Music Philippines, JK expressed his feelings about this remarkable achievement. He shared that, “I guess hindi pa siya nag-si-sink in.” Reflecting on the success of “Ere,” he shared how he felt immense pressure to create another hit song comparable to “Buwan.”

JK explained that while creating “Buwan,” he wasn’t thinking about expectations or trying to create a hit song. He just expressed his emotions and vulnerability through his music.

“I looked at that very moment of my life when I was making ‘Buwan,’ and I didn’t have that mindset. I was just making a song. I was just putting my feelings and emotions into this particular medium with my small guitar and my vulnerability on the table.

“So, sabi ko, why should I change that? Why should I try when that time I didn’t, it worked? So, that’s kind of the same thing that I did for the past projects that I’ve put out.”

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In his latest album, “Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1,” which includes “Ere,” Juan emphasized that he’s now focusing on enjoying the creative process without the burden of expectations.

“Ere” was released on August 4 as the latest single from “Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1.” This album contains nine emotionally charged songs exploring love and heartbreak themes. Collaborations with artists like Zild and Paolo Benjamin of Ben&Ben contribute to the album’s depth and richness.

While his album initially had 18 tracks, JK shared with CNN Philippines that he intends to release only nine songs in the first quarter of 2024.

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