This ‘Main Character’ Playlist Will Get You Pumped For School Or Work

Everybody’s got to feel like the world revolves around them at some point.

It’s time to stomp around with the confidence only a main character would have. Whether you’re heading to work or school, you’ll need that confidence to get through the day. So, here’s a main character playlist that’ll make you feel like you’re destined for something bigger. 

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Rollercoaster – Bleachers 

A great song to start the day. Imagine yourself getting ready to this song for the day. This Bleachers song makes you feel unstoppable. The perfect starter for any main character playlist.

Dog Days Over – Florence + The Machine 

Florence + The Machine has got a treat to continue that feeling of being unstoppable. A soft sequence to harden the newly-found plot armor you’re building for yourself. 

Ribs – Lorde 

You can’t go wrong with Lorde. She’s the only one you need. A soft theme for any main character through driving sequences or night shots. 

Ophelia – The Lumineers 

Whether you’re Hamlet or Ophelia, The Lumineers make you feel like the center of the world. Walking through the day with grace and beauty. 

Midnight City – M83 

People know M83 for their music in movie soundtracks. You’ve probably heard of this song a couple of times but never knew its name. Well, you get to live that main character fantasy with this staple. 

The King – Sarah Kinsley 

Vocally entrancing and exhilarating. Sarah Kinsley knows how to make you feel like the king. You’re young and free. This song captures that. 

Angel Youth – Vansire 

You need a break from all the unstoppability, so here’s Vansire giving you something a bit softer. Feel this song in every moment of walking through school corridors or at lunchtime. 

Let’s Go Outside – Far Caspian 

Following chill sequences with the main character, this song is a nice song to forget about life’s worries. You’re the main character, nothing bad’s gonna happen to you…yet.

Metamodernity – Vansire 

This song levels the ground on a smooth groove. No matter the scenario, this song works on so many levels. Whether it’s staring into the distance or reading a book, the camera will definitely be on you. 

Sweet Talk – Saint Motel 

After a little break, you need to get back on your feet. This song brings you back to that upbeat motion after a chill sequence. 

One Way or Another – Blondie 

Before One Direction made their own version of this song, this hit differently. Fast and exciting, this should jumpstart anyone. 

About a Girl – the Academy is…

If modern indie isn’t your thing, this early 2000’s bop will hit that main character itch. Something about early 2000’s rock screams “it girl”. 

Bad Reputation – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 

What’s a main character without a little edge? Go crazy and get out there with this absolute classic. 

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba 

Following the early 2000’s vibe, this song follows that exact beat. For anyone whose feeling down, take some time to play this. 

Pleaser – Wallows 

The movie is coming to its answer. This song is perfect for an afternoon after the day’s work. For the main character who had it rough today. 

Can I call You Tonight? – Dayglow 

Night drives and nightlife– that’s what this song feels like. A bittersweet way to bring the day or movie to a close. 

A Dream of You – Far Caspian 

Slow and smooth. Say you’ve gotten home after a long day. This song is the perfect play for any main character reflecting.

Wait – M83 

And finally, we’ve come to the end of the movie. Whether it’s the credits or the tear running down the main character’s face, this song hits hard. Emotional and capturing, this song is that long shot of the character finally accepting their fate. 

It’s tough being the main character, but it comes with its perks. Whether it’s coming of age or slice of life, this main character playlist is for the main character who wants it all. 

Feature Image Macky Arquilla

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