Matthew Perry Reportedly Refused To Film “Friends” Episode Where Chandler Cheats On Monica

Friends” star Matthew Perry saved Chandler and Monica’s relationship by preventing a cheating episode

The late “Friends” star Matthew Perry knows how to take care of his iconic character, Chandler.

Lisa Cash, a guest star on the iconic show “Friends,” disclosed to TMZ how Matthew did a significant decision that really had an impact on the series.

It was after he prevented an affair involving Chandler and Lisa’s character in an episode they did.

Lisa explained that she was cast to play a character involved in a storyline where Chandler would have cheated on his wife Monica (Courteney Cox). This affair was supposed to take place during the two-part season five finale, “The One In Vegas.”

Chandler and Monica were supposed to argue in Las Vegas, where Chandler would order room service. Lisa’s character, a hotel worker, was to deliver the order. In the original script, Chandler would cheat on Monica with her character.

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Lisa said Matthew approached the writers of “Friends” and expressed his concerns about the storyline.

She recalled, “We had rehearsed it and everything, and then the day before we were shooting in front of a live audience, I was told that Matthew went to the writers and said the audience will never forgive him for cheating on Monica.”

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox
IMAGE “Friends”

As a result, the entire storyline was dropped. Instead, Chandler and Monica’s Vegas escapade concluded with them resolving their argument and planning to elope in a Las Vegas chapel.

They later decided against it when they found out that Ross and Rachel had already beaten them to the altar in a drunken stater. Instead, they decided to live together in the next season.

By the end of season six, Chandler and Monica had an emotional proposal, which led to a heartwarming wedding as the season seven finale.

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While Lisa acknowledged that the original cheating scene could have been a “game changer” for her career, she appreciated the opportunity to work with the “quick and talented” Matthew Perry.

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