A Michael Jackson Biopic Is In The Works

Are you ready to relive the life of a musical legend?

Distributor Lionsgate reveals that a Michael Jackson biopic is in the works. According to reports, it will be titled “Michael” and the Michael Jackson estate approved it.

John Branca and John McClain will produce the biopic alongside Graham King. Branca and McClain are co-executors of Jackson’s estate, while King met the Jackson family for the first time in 1981.

“I’m humbled to bring their legacy to the big screen,” King says. “Sitting at Dodger Stadium watching the Victory Tour, I could never have imagined that 38 years later, I would get the privilege to be a part of this film.”

The film’s press release reads, “Michael will give audiences an in-depth portrayal of the complicated man who became the King of Pop. It will bring to life Jackson’s most iconic performances, giving an informed insight into the entertainer’s artistic process and personal life.”

According to a report by Deadline, the film will also deal fairly with some of Jackson’s issues, such as the allegations of child sexual abuse against the singer, as well as his death in 2009.

The plans of doing a Michael Jackson biopic was first reported in 2022, coming from the singer’s nephew, TJ Jackson. According to him, the biopic is need to reframe the “awful” accusations against Michael.

“It’s awful, to be honest. I think it’s very sad,” TJ says of the accusations against his uncle. He continues, “It’s in a way disgusting because what sells in this world is negativity. People like to gossip, and people like scandals. My uncle is not here to defend himself, so he’s an easy target. He was always an easy target because he was always quiet.”

Despite the countless rumors, TJ holds firm and believes the “truth always wins out.”

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