FreebieMNL - A Show Inspired By The Group “Subtle Asian Traits” Is Coming Our Way

A Show Inspired By The Group “Subtle Asian Traits” Is Coming Our Way

A television series inspired by the online Asian community “Subtle Asian Traits” is now in the works!

In a Facebook post, the “Subtle Asian Traits” Team announced that they’ve been working on a project to bring stories from the group to the screen.

“Over the past couple months, we’ve been in contact with passionate filmmakers, producers, and writers in our community who wanted to bring the sentiment of ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ to the screens,” they said.

“We’re humbled in being part of their vision to focus on the diverse ‘subtle’ Asian traits throughout the diasporic Asian community, and as part of this new wave of Asian representation in media dispelling stereotypes previously used to characterize us.”

The upcoming series is being developed by the newly-launched studio Jumpcut, which is also producing the sci-fi action thriller series “Jack 9” and another untitled sci-fi Western show.

FreebieMNL - A Show Inspired By The Group “Subtle Asian Traits” Is Coming Our Way
Photo: Facebook/subtleasiantraitsandco

Asian representation

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “college-set” show will be co-produced by John Zhang and written by Ivan Tsang and Justin R. Ching. Zhang, who used to be a development associate at Perfect Storm Entertainment, secured the rights to a “Subtle Asian Traits” project from the group founders themselves who started the online community in September 2018.

“We’ll be continuing discussions with the writers and producers of this project, which is still in early development, and we hope to share our excitement with everyone following suit,” the group administrators said.

The Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits” was founded by nine Chinese-Australian high school students who wanted to have a group to share their experiences as first generation Asian-Australians. Now, the group is one of the largest online Asian communities with almost two million members. 

“Growing up, many of us did not have the community to share some of the nuances of being Asian. Starting the group, we never thought that ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ would impact so many people and result in such a shared sentiment of belonging,” they said.

Membership is not limited to just Asian-Australians now, since the group’s mission is to “connect Asian individuals globally to create a community that celebrates the similarities and differences within the subtle traits of Asian culture and sub-cultures.”

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