Ellen DeGeneres’ Reaction to the Viral RC Cola Commercial is So Relatable

Remember two months ago, when we first saw RC Cola’s commercial featuring a boy with four glasses on his back? American TV Host Ellen DeGeneres just saw it too, and all we can say is, “same.”

Unpredictable commercials

During one segment in The Ellen DeGeneres Show called “Ellen and tWitch Guess What’s Going to Happen Next in This Crazy Commercial,” Ellen, together with DJ tWitch, saw the RC Cola commercial for the first time. And just like us, they found it difficult to predict what would happen next.

Ellen explained the guessing game: “We’re gonna show [the] first part of a crazy commercial, and then tWitch and I will guess what happens next. And then we’ll play the rest of the commercial and we’ll be even more confused, I think.”

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube/TheEllenShow

RC Cola

When it came to the part of guessing what would happen next in the viral RC Cola commercial, they paused the video right after the boy showed the glasses on his back.

Ellen picked the option where the mom “takes off the scarf and parachutes out the window,” while tWitch picked the option where she “sings a high note and shatters the glass.”

Understandably, no one got the correct answer that the mom “takes off her head and pours soda into the cups,” because really, no one knew what was going on! (Even the people behind the commercial at GIGIL said it revolves around the word “basta,” meaning it doesn’t necessarily need an explanation.)

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube/TheEllenShow

Guessing game

There were three other “unpredictable commercials” shown in the segment. The first one showed a nervous man at the airport with a large suitcase, which turned out to be full of rubber chickens. Ellen thought it was going to be full of milk, while tWitch thought that an exotic snake would appear!

The next commercial showed a robot and a man interacting at a car launching event. The robot eventually grabs the man and literally sends him flying into the wall. This was the only one they both got right!

The last one showed a woman who collapses in the street and pulls down a man’s suit, revealing that he’s wearing women’s underwear.

While making a choice for the last commercial, Ellen said, “It seems like people that do commercials like people’s heads to pop off. That was quite a surprise with the RC Cola.”

It’s okay, Ellen and tWitch, we’re just as amused and confused as you two!

Take a look at the RC Cola commercial again here:


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