FreebieMNL - Get ready to be weirded out again: The latest RC Cola commercial is out of this world

Get ready to be weirded out again: The latest RC Cola commercial is out of this world

If you’re gonna ask us, we can definitely say RC Cola has become quite synonymous with weird commercials. Like each time you think of an RC product, the first thing that comes to mind is a commercial with an odd concept which makes for quite the entertainment. 

It’s been months since soda brand RC Cola last released a commercial that literally broke the internet for its rather peculiar plot twists that have weirded out netizens. 

Well, until this month when it returned with a new commercial highlighting its Qute series which is apparently the equivalent of Coca-Cola’s Sakto variant – only 37ml higher. Of course, true to RC fashion, it had netizens thinking about the connection between the product and the ad itself.  

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a summary: a talking denture (aka pustiso) proposes to the love of his life at a posh restaurant until his two other partners showed up to ruin the engagement all in less than one minute and thirty seconds. 

A lot of things happened, right? Well, that’s exactly the point of the ad: Qute may seem small but the bottle contains cola-flavored carbonated drink more than enough to satisfy you.

We don’t exactly know how effective the ad is, but one could definitely use a bottle or two of RC Qute after watching it!


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