‘iCarly’ Reboot Pilot Finally Addresses Why Sam Isn’t Around

The long-awaited iCarly reboot finally premiered on Paramount+, releasing the first three episodes of the revival series last June 18. Many of the “where are they now” queries were covered in the initial episodes, and they definitely didn’t wait long before answering the question every fan has been wondering: Where’s Sam?

'iCarly' Reboot Pilot Finally Addresses Why Sam Isn't Around

It was confirmed pretty early on that Jeanette McCurdy, who played Sam, wasn’t going to be part of the new iCarly. McCurdy had already quit acting altogether because of her negative experience as a child actress. While it was a shock to fans, Miranda Cosgrove said that the cast respected McCurdy’s decision. But how did the reboot explain her absence in the story?

Seeing as she’s Carly’s best friend and Freddie’s love interest in the original iCarly, Sam’s absence was bound to be the elephant in the room. After all, how do we continue Carly’s story as an internet star without knowing what happened to her BFF and co-host? 

icarly sam carly freddie

Thankfully, in the pilot of the revival series, Sam’s fate is brought up in a conversation between Carly and Freddie. 

Carly expressed how she wants to be creative and make things again. “You don’t need a partner to do that,” Freddie pointed out. To which, Carly replied, “I don’t need a partner. I need Sam. But she’s off following her bliss with that biker gang.” 

When Freddie said, “I hope she’s okay,” Carly quipped, “It’s Sam. I hope they’re okay.”

It was a quick, almost trivial conversation in the grand scheme of setting up the new series, but seeing Carly and Freddie talk about Sam fondly as they miss her was definitely satisfying. And while it’s a bummer that an important part of the OG trio won’t be in the new series, the story they made to explain Sam’s absence is 100% fitting for the character we know and love.

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