FreebieMNL - Fan-made Fast Food Packaging Inspired by the BTS Meal

Fan-made Fast Food Packaging Inspired by the BTS Meal

The BTS meal has been a big hit globally, including in the Philippines. It was made available nationwide starting June 18 and ARMYs got creative with the limited-edition purple packaging. Of course, other fandoms wanted to join the fun and recreated mock packaging for their idols. From Popstar Meals to Jolegendary Meals, these are some of the edits that drew inspiration from BTS’s collaboration with McDonald’s.

The Popstar Meal

Sarah Geronimo is a real-life endorser for Jollibee, so the concept fan art for the Popstar Meal looks legit enough. Even actor Christian Bables was fooled as he tried to order it for himself at the drive-thru. The meal makes a lot of allusions to the Popstar Royalty and includes a Coke [Coach] Sarah, “Tala” nuggets, and “Ikot-Ikot” twister fries.

The Songbird Meal

Another real-life endorser for Jollibee, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is the face of the Songbird Meal. Included in the meal are “Crispy Wings of Love” with a side of French fries or rice and a Coke float. Free delivery “Araw Gabi.” The poster looks as convincing as the Popstar Meal and was edited by the same artist.

Twice x McDonald’s

While other K-Pop fandoms wait for major fast-food chains to collaborate with their favorites, they created mock packaging. This Twice Meal is covered in pink and comes with an “Alcohol-free” drink. Every bite will make you feel special.

Jolegendary Meal

Ms. Jolegend Slaydangal deserves to have her own meal, too, which is why this local artist made the Jolegendary Meal. The design is a nod to the 90s and early 2000s with pink and green burgers and floral packaging. It supposedly comes with a free butterfly clip that was popular during this era.

McDonald’s Philippines reportedly sold almost 3.5 million pieces of nuggets on the day they launched the BTS meal. The crew and riders were given careful instructions not to fold the paper bags as fans upcycle them into merch.

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