Who is YG Entertainment’s Newest Boy Group? Things You Need To Know About TREASURE

2020 may be a mess, but for K-culture fans all around the world, this year proved to be record-breaking and exciting as more groups, movies and dramas shine light on Korea’s blossoming entertainment industry. 

YG Entertainment is home to K-Pop legend BIGBANG and the world’s hottest girl group BLACKPINK, so it’s no surprise that their new group TREASURE is one of the the most anticipated rookies of 2020. Even before debut, these monster rookies made themselves known to the K-Pop community with their amazing vocals, powerful dance moves, and visuals.

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If you’re a new Treasure Maker, here are a couple of things you need to know about YG’s newest boy group:

  1. They were formed through a survival show: YG Treasure Box. YG is known to have rigorous survival programs. 28 trainees from the company fought for a chance to debut as a group, with initially 7 members. Two groups (TREASURE and MAGNUM) were eventually formed out of the competition. However, a lot of unexpected things happened along the way and after a year and a half, we have a 12 member boy group. The more, the merrier!
  1. They’re the kings of YouTube content! At the beginning of 2020, Treasure put out their first performance video, ‘Going Crazy’, which signaled the beginning of weekly content showcasing the members’ talents, unique personalities, and chemistry.
  1. They’re multi-talented. TREASURE has a powerful line-up of vocals, rappers and dancers combined in one group. As many Teumes have seen (case in point: YGTB and Treasure Map), the boys have put out many versatile performances that makes you second-guess if they truly are rookies.
  1. They have 4 Japanese members. The growing popularity of members Haruto, Mashiho, Asahi and Yoshi have helped the group gather fans overseas, especially in Japan. Not to mention their visuals are flawless.
  1. Treasure has two leaders. YG appointed Hyunsuk and Jihoon to lead the group as 12 members seemed like a lot to handle. They’re basically the group’s mom and dad!
  1. Their debut single BOY, is a banger. BOY is the most expensive music video YG has every spent for a debut and their attempt at creating a dance-focused boy group truly paid off. With BOY, TREASURE brought in a unique and youthful energy to K-Pop, breaking your regular idea of boy group concepts. Watch out for that dance break!

TREASURE is set to comeback on Friday (Sept 18) with a new dynamic single, ‘I LOVE YOU’.

Under YG’s new management and strategy, we must say: these boys are in good hands!

Let’s cheer the boys on!

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