Why SB19’s “what?” elevates P-Pop to a whole new level

You can criticize SB19 all you want, but words simply can’t bring the acclaimed five-piece group down. I mean, have you seen the music video for “what?”

Following the successful release of “Get In The Zone,” SB19 ushered in the dawn of a new era with a bombastic surprise for fans – a song accompanied by a music video that set the bar even higher for other P-Pop acts. 

Leaving fans in awe in terms of both musical and visual production, SB19 has once again proven they always have something up their sleeves to keep the excitement among fans. 

Watch the music video below: 

Of course, SB19’s bombshell release did not escape comparisons for the way global pop groups – specifically K-Pop groups – produce music videos. Because the truth is, SB19 set their goals from the get-go: to bring P-Pop to the global arena.

In a statement, Pablo (formerly known as Sejun) shared his thoughts about the words people have thrown at them and how those criticisms inspired them to keep on working harder to achieve their goals both as individuals and as a group.  

“A lot of people still doubt us, denouncing everything that we do and everything that we’re trying to achieve. We love what we do, that’s why we do it respectfully. ‘What?’ is about self-love and empowerment. Each of us has our own flag,” he said. 

He went on: “We should be proud of it and raise it as much as we can. As SB19 and as individuals, we know that we’re not the best at everything, but that shouldn’t stop us from what we want to achieve.”

They may have taken inspiration from other artists in the international scene, but that doesn’t give people the right to question their works. In the words of Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda, SB19 is not afraid to break away from what the public has gotten used to. That alone is a commendable act for local artists to follow in the future. 

“This one has a more aggressive take to it compared to our previous songs, so I really had to force out the ‘oomph’ in the voices of the members. I was really meticulous with the recordings, but so were they. That’s why we would record ’til morning and until everyone was satisfied with their parts. The feeling had to be there,” said Pablo about the song and how it pushed them to work even harder. 

For fans, “what?” is a manifestation of the time and effort SB19 poured in for years. But for those who just discovered SB19, it was a refreshing moment to witness especially now more than ever where artists struggle to find a spot in the local music scene. 

Nothwithstanding the pandemic that left the entertainment industry paralyzed for a time, SB19 found a way to produce something extraordinary. Have they proven themselves worthy of the name they have cemented in the last three years? Definitely. But do they still need to prove anything? Absolutely not.  

Now, should we now call them the Kings of P-Pop? 

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