Robi Domingo’s Fiancée Maiqui Pineda Battles With Rare Autoimmune Disease

 “I will work on getting better one day at a time,” a hopeful Maiqui says

Robi Domingo’s fiancée, Maiqui Pineda, is currently dealing with a rare autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis. She shared this on social media on Friday, August 4, months after the symptoms first manifested in April 2023.

Robi Domingo's Fiancée
Robi Domingo, Maiqui Pineda
IMAGE: maiqweeks on Instagram

Maiqui took to Instagram her current health condition, as she succeedingly created a blog post to explain the matter at length. 

Disclosing her health status on Instagram, she writes, “What was supposed to be an exciting year of wedding planning, preparing for a new home and working on my career, life had other plans for me… I got sick.

“I have a rare autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis that causes muscle weakness, inflammation, and a skin rash,” she adds. 

While Maiqui reveals that she is already undertaking the necessary treatment, she still deems her battle to recovery as “far from over.” 

“There are good days but there are still bad days. I am hopeful that this is just temporary and I will work on getting better one day at a time,” she continues.

Lastly, she extends her gratitude to everyone who prayed and offered well-wishes. 

Maiqui even created a blog post “for the full story of what happened,” curating her own personal progress and putting up a guide for anyone that might need it someday. 

Celebrities, industry personalities, and her fiance Robi Domingo flocked to the comment section to express their love and support. 

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Maiqui Pineda’s condition as documented on her blog 

According to Maiqui’s blog post, she was diagnosed on July 14, 2023 following the first manifestation of symptoms in April of the same year. 

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Robi Domingo, Maiqui Pineda
IMAGE: maiqweeks on Instagram

What was initially dismissed as harmless skin rashes and dryness of fingers and hands, Maiqui then started developing paint points in her shoulder and wrist joints, which ultimately restrained her from slicing her food, opening doors and bottles, and lifting things. 

Such a series of alarming indications told her “something was off” and prompted her to consult a dermatologist. 

Initially, it was believed to be eczema or dermatitis, but her doctor suggested she take the Antinuclear Antibody Test given her joint issues.

It was later found that she actually has Dermatomyositis—a rare form of autoimmune disease that prompts the immune system to attack the healthy cells of her organs and tissues by mistake. 

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Robi Domingo offers unwavering love and support

Robi is one sentimental boyfriend amid his contract renewal with home network ABS-CBN on Friday, August 4. 

The  33-year-old host took to Instagram his contract reprisal with the Kapamilya network, in which he also mentions his girlfriend’s existing condition. 

“What an emotional day,” Robi begins.

 “This moment has given me a deeper appreciation of what it is to be a KAPAMILYA. I just couldn’t stop thinking about my fiancé and her condition while signing this contract.

“There has been that tug-of-war of feelings so maybe that’s why the floodgates just kept pouring,” he adds. 

After extending his gratitude to the home network, he finishes his post with an affirming note for Maiqui that reads: “Maiqs, whatever happens, I choose you. Can’t wait to sign our contract.”

Robi and Maiqui sealed their four-year relationship with an engagement in 2022. The two marked their fifth anniversary on Monday, August 7.

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