#CancelTropangLOL: Why Super Junior Fans Are Mad At This Noontime Show

Some people take jokes way too far.

It’s been a wild month for Super Junior fans, and August isn’t even halfway done. ELFs experienced sadness, grief, and anger in the span of one week. They had to deal with a member’s COVID news, the loss of a family member, and a concert postponement. Now, they’re dealing with Tropang LOL and the program’s insensitivity.

One question sparked rage among ELFs during the noontime show’s game segment. It was about which K-pop group canceled their concert after the passing of a member’s father. First of all, the concert is postponed, not canceled. Second, why so tone deaf, Tropang LOL?

Never invalidate someone’s grief

Among those who took offense to the segment was Happee Sy-Go. The event organizer spoke of why fans were mad in a series of tweets.

She goes on to say that not everything is a joke and that we should not normalize tactlessness. She also pointed out how people make a joke about everything for content. Happee ended the thread by asking for more emphasis on accountability and respect.

That’s not the only mess at Tropang LOL

The other big mess that happened on the show was between Matteo Guidicelli and Alex Gonzaga. Everyone knows that Matteo and Sarah Geronimo are happily married. Despite this, Tropang LOL hosts continue to tease Matteo when they have female guests.

On the same day as the Super Junior incident, Matteo had enough of it and called out Alex’s behavior. Speaking to Alex, Matteo confessed to crying the night before and feeling hurt for his wife. He also asked Tropang LOL to show more respect toward their respective spouses.

Netizens chime in

The hashtag #CancelTropangLOL trended on Twitter for almost 24 hours. Netizens had plenty to say, whether it was for Super Junior or Matteo and Sarah.

Netizens also had praises for Matteo and how he handled the situation.

Things need to change

Beyond calls to cancel Tropang LOL was a bigger call for change. Netizens pointed out how Philippine comedy still relies on off-color jokes. Think back to how a former president dropped misogynist jokes during formal speeches. The worst part is that it’s the norm.

Another netizen shared their thoughts on canceling Tropang LOL.

Whether the show or Philippine comedy changes, only time will tell.


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