Jaclyn Jose fires back at Albie Casiño

And the saga continues.

Last week, Pinoy Big Brother housemate Albie Casiño shared his feelings about ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann in a Kumu livestream promoting the show, mincing no words for the former Agua Bendita star.

“It’s okay for me to talk about it. I guess she moved on. So I can finally talk about it now. I don’t mind and I guess I’ll be no holds barred if they ask because I’m kind of tired of covering up for her, bro, you know what I mean? I’m not going to hold my tongue so you can look good anymore,” he stated.

Jaclyn Jose fires back at Albie Casiño
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Continuing, he went on to say that Eigenmann had gained a lot of weight, a prospect that made him happy. “My friends just saw her in Siargao and they said she’s super fat so that makes me super happy. I don’t know if that’s bad of me. But it brings me great joy to know she gained a lot of weight now,” he said.  

“Yeah, I don’t care. That’s the truth,” he added. “Di tayo nagpla-plastikan dito. That’s the way we do it, man. Hindi tayo nakikipagplastikan dito. That’s the last thing we’re going to do.”

The news didn’t sit too well with veteran actress Jaclyn Jose, who fired back with her own scathing message in defense of her daughter.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Jose called for Laurenti Dyogi, ABS-CBN’s head of TV production and the executive producer of Pinoy Big Brother, to stop Casiño from talking. 

Nakikiusap ako nananahimik na si Andi… pero may sagot ako overboard din I just want to keep quiet… as a friend sa media ko sa sinasabi pigilan mo yang batang ignorante kaysa magsalita ako,” she wrote. “Lauren, you can stop him or go on (rating). Sige, mapapahiya kayo kasi lalahitin ko na.”

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She added in a separate post, “You want me to be quiet? You know me better than that?! Yung member niyo? Yung Albie Casiño? He has to keep he’s mouth shut? Don’t use my daughter in your circus di niya alam ang pinagsasabi niya. You want the truth?”

In another post, Jose also mentioned that Casiño would physically abuse Eigenmann. She said, “Gusto mo sabihin ko in publipano mo bugbugin anak ko? Kahit buntis? Try moko.”

Eigenmann and Casiño were in a highly publicized relationship in 2011. It ended with Eigenmann’s first pregnancy, in which Casiño was falsely accused of being the father.

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