Khloé Kardashian Likes Maja Salvador’s IG Posts

Maja Salvador was in for a big surprise when she found out American reality star Khloé Kardashian liked a couple of her Instagram photos!

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Photo from @iammajasalvador Instagram

Khloé, of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame, apparently went on a “liking spree” all throughout Maja’s account.

Photo from Allure

Maja’s boyfriend, Rambo Nuñez, first shared the news on his Instagram story. He reposted Maja’s post about the pair’s upcoming vlog and tagged the Kardashian: “@khloekardashian liking Maja’s posts hahaha!”

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Photo from @iammajasalvador Instagram

In an Instagram story shared on her main page, the actress quickly gushed, “Woah! Legit nga! Siya nga talaga naglike!”

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Photo from @iammajasalvador Instagram

Khloé liked a total of four posts on Maja’s Instagram. One was a teaser post promoting the latter’s Youtube vlog with Nuñez, wherein the couple played a game of “Sagot or Lagot”.

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Photo from @iammajasalvador Instagram

The other posts in question were related to Maja’s newest TV5 teleserye, Niña and Niño, which aired on April 15, 2021. The show, a drama-comedy that revolves around con artist siblings Niño and Niña, is Maja’s first TV5 venture.

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Photo from @iammajasalvador Instagram
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Photo from @iammajasalvador Instagram
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Photo from @iammajasalvador Instagram

Khloé, so far, has not made any comments or let on as to why exactly she randomly liked Maja’s posts. It just leaves the rest of us to wonder how exactly she landed on Maja’s IG in the first place.

Well, whatever the reason, Maja’s got a good reason to fangirl!

Catch Niña and Niño every weeknight at 7:15PM on TV5, after Sing Galing. You can also keep up to date with Maja’s vlogs and other videos on her YouTube channel here.


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