Maureen Wroblewitz On Joining Miss Universe Philippines: “I Am Not Closing Any Doors”

Asia’s Next Top Model” season 5 winner Maureen Wroblewitz said she’s “always considered joining” beauty pageants, which she considers a great platform for women to express their beliefs and values.

When asked if she plans to join the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 pageant, she said, “As in my other interviews, I’ve always said that I’ve considered it, that I am not closing any doors.”

“I think being in a pageant gives women such a great platform to speak up to talk about what they believe in and their values. I mean I would say why not,” she said during the media conference held for the newly-signed artists of Star Magic.

However, this may not happen so soon since Maureen really wants to be prepared before joining a beauty pageant. She is aware that due to the adjusted schedule for both national and international pageants, contestants this year have less time to prepare.

“I am not so sure yet because this is the year, I’ve heard, that you have the least preparation time. I really want to be ready if I do join.”

Now that she’s with Star Magic, the model-TV host also said that she wants to focus on her acting career and maybe even work with her boyfriend JK Labajo.

“I really have to show that I love to do acting. I really want to improve and hone my skills and I’m excited to do that… If [JK] decides to do acting again, of course, I’d love to [work with him,]” she said.

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