Viral Security Guard At Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Fired After Asking Fans To Take A Picture Of Him

It was the manner of how he obtained the pictures that led to his termination

A security guard from the Eras Tour, Calvin Denker, has revealed that he lost his job following a viral video that depicted him asking fans to take snapshots of him in front of Taylor Swift during her Minneapolis concert in June.

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Calvin took to TikTok to reveal that the security company he worked for, Best Crowd Management, had a “rule against taking photos with any of the performers.” But, it was not the act that led to his dismissal but how he obtained the photographs.

He explained, “The main issue that they had was with my follow-up video where I said I handed out pieces of paper to the people in front of me to ask to be sent any photos that I made my way into.”

Calvin had secured the position to witness Taylor’s performance for free. During the show, he was not permitted to have his phone out.

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Calvin stated that the Human Resources representative who contacted him struggled to define his wrongdoing since his actions were akin to what transpires at any other concert.

He emphasized, “Every photo of me from that night was from behind the barricade like any other photo from a fan would be. I never took my own phone out. And above all else, I made sure that Taylor Swift was safe and all the fans had a good time. As long as I was at that concert, I was doing my job.”

@calvindenker #theerastour #taylorswift #minneapoliserastour #greenscreenvideo ? original sound – Calvin Denker

In an attempt to rectify the situation, Calvin offered to remove his videos after being reprimanded. The company indicated they would explore the possibility of retaining his position. Yet, he claimed he received no response for over a month, during which he continued to work at various shows.

Unfortunately, Calvin stated that he was terminated after a seven-hour shift at an Ed Sheeran concert earlier this month.

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While Calvin maintains that he harbors “no grudges against my employer,” he expressed positive sentiments about Swift’s concerts and urged individuals not to direct “hate” towards the company.

The original TikTok video featuring Calvin, titled “Security guard carried section A2!” by user anmaloney, has garnered nearly 3 million views.

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