Why Did Taylor Swift Remind Fans About Kindness Online?

“I am not putting this album out so you can…defend me against someone you think I might have written [about] 14 million years ago!”

What made Taylor Swift remind fans about kindness online recently?

At a recent stop during her highly-anticipated “Eras” tour, the superstar made it a point to highlight the importance of spreading kindness. Before performing one of her two surprise songs for the night, she said:

“I’m 33 years old. I don’t care about anything that happened to me when I was 19 except for songs I wrote and the memories that we made together,” she said on stage as captured on a TikTok video.

“What I’m trying to tell you, is that I am not putting this album out so that you can go and should feel the need to defend me on the internet against someone you think I might have written a song about 14 million years ago. I do not care. We have all grown up. We’re good,” she continued.

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No other context was given, but Swifties were quick to piece together that it likely refers to her rumored ex, singer-songwriter John Mayer. The latter has been on the receiving end of rather unkind comments from Swift fans over the years, with some going so far as to send him death threats!

Fans have mostly been quick to criticize John due to his and Taylor’s 13-year age gap.

“Dear John”

The upcoming release of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” no doubt led Taylor Swift to remind fans about kindness online. This is because it contains the song “Dear John,” wildly rumored to be about her relationship with Mayer when she was 19 and he was in his 30s.

John has spoken up about how the song “humiliated” him during its initial release. In a June 2012 feature on Rolling Stone, he also tagged it as “cheap handwriting.”

In 2023, no official word from Mayer or his camp has come out yet.

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