Disney Announces ‘Up’ Spin-off, ‘Carl’s Date’

But what about Ellie?

On March 28, Disney announced the release date of the new Pixar short film, “Carl’s Date.” It’ll feature familiar faces from the popular animated movie “Up.”

Based on the announcement, “Carl’s Date” will premiere on June 16, 2023.

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The upcoming short will feature one of the last performances of Ed Asner (Carl Fredricksen) and his beloved dog, Dug.

At the start of the original film, viewers saw a montage of Carl’s life with his wife, Ellie, who passed away. According to the short film’s writer and director, Bob Peterson, “No one will ever replace Ellie for Carl.”

He adds that the film is “just honoring her and Ellie saying, ‘Go have a new adventure,’ and this really puts it to the test. Should he do this, or should he not?”

“Carl’s Date” will follow the story of Carl Fredricksen, the elderly protagonist of “Up.” Fans will join him as he prepares for a date with an old friend decades after their first meeting. With years of being single, Carl wouldn’t know how dating works these days. Meanwhile, his faithful canine companion, Dug, will protect Carl’s home from unexpected intruders.

The upcoming Pixar short offers the opportunity to revisit some of the most beloved characters from “Up.” Fans can expect to explore the new aspects of Carl’s and Dug’s stories. The producers want to treat the short as the bow on top of the original film.

The short film’s focus on two of the most memorable characters from the movie promises to offer a unique and endearing viewing experience. The short format of the film allows for an easier viewing experience, making it perfect for both long-time fans and new audiences.

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