Why Did Kris Aquino Break Up With Mark Leviste Again?

Kris clarified that they were no longer in a relationship when Mark announced they were still together

Kris Aquino has again announced her split from Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste. In a recent health update on Instagram, Kris revealed that she initiated the breakup on November 3.

“A long-distance relationship is difficult when undergoing very physically demanding treatments like my methotrexate and my Dupixent. But I got my latest blood panel, apart from my very low hemoglobin, all my autoimmune markers are slowly improving,” Kris explained.

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Photo by Mark Leviste

“The truth is that I chose to lessen the stressors in my life and put my wellbeing first… on November 3, 2023, I initiated our breakup.

“It was a well-thought-out decision based on choosing to do what’s best for me now. I’m dealing with so much, and my love life isn’t a priority,” she added.

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Although Kris did not disclose the reason, she requested fans to pray for her sisters as well, saying, “To protect my family’s privacy, please allow me to not give details about something that’s weighing heavily on our hearts (if you can pray for my sisters too, in the way you’re praying for me, sobra sobra ang pasasalamat ko)…”

Maraming salamat po, against all odds I am slowly getting better and by God’s grace my autoimmune thyroiditis has gone into remission.

“And also because my doctors caught it early enough, my 5th autoimmune, the mixed connective tissue disease which was strongly pointing towards RA (rheumatoid arthritis) or SLE (lupus) in my latest panel seems to not be a present threat,” the actress said.

“From 5, I’m now just battling 3, BUT 1 of them is the main contrabida because it’s life-threatening. THANK YOU for your prayers. God really is listening. #grateful.”

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While Mark recently revealed that he and Kris are still together, Kris clarified in the same post that Mark’s statement was no longer true when the news came out.

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