10 Unusual Oreo Flavors Around the World

In 1912, the first Oreo cookies were made. The beloved cookie brand has since come out with several different flavors — some weird and surprisingly delicious. Obviously, the classic and double stuff variants reign supreme, but it’s still interesting to see what unusual combinations they have pulled off.

Apple Cider Donut

Reminiscent of autumn, apple cider donut Oreo is a sweet, comforting treat. The limited-edition cookies combine wafter cookies and Oreo crème.

Photo: Mondalez International/OREO

Cherry Cola

A top contender in the My Oreo Creation in 2018 features chocolate wafers with a cherry cola flavor crème. The filling also contained popping candy to imitate the sensation of drinking a carbonated beverage.

cherry coke oreos
Photo: Mondalez International/OREO

Hot and Spicy Cinnamon

In 2016, Nabisco introduced a Cinnamon Bun Oreo which then became a regular flavor. Maybe that’s why they thought a chocolate wafer with cinnamon candy flavor crème would also catch on.

1513012603 cinnamon candy oreo
Photo: Mondalez International/OREO

Hot Chicken Wing and Wasabi

These big and bold flavors with orange and green crème filling were only available in China in 2018. Similarly, KitKat has released wasabi and hot chili pepper chocolate bars in Japan, so this isn’t totally bizarre for the Asian market.

wasabi chicken wing oreo 1

Photo: Mondalez International/OREO


Chocolate sandwich cookies featuring popping candy sounds like a great Fourth of July snack in theory, but they didn’t work as well as customers hoped. Fireworks belong in the sky, not in your mouth.  

firework oreos
Photo: Mondalez International/OREO

Kettle Corn

The people got what they asked for when they voted for a kettle corn-flavored Oreo during the My Oreo Creation promo. Between the Golden wafers were kettle corn crème and puffed millet pieces.

Photo: Mondalez International/OREO

Lady Gaga x Oreo

The Chromatica-themed Oreo were limited-edition cookies in collaboration with pop icon Lady Gaga. It was a pink-colored Golden Oreo with a green crème filling inspired by her latest album.

lady gaga oreo chromatica cookie release cookie
Photo: Mondalez International/OREO

Root Beer Float

The center of the Golden Oreo is filled with root beer and vanilla-flavored crème. For those curious about what biting into a root beer float would be like, this condensed cookie turned out unexpectedly okay.

root beer float
Photo: Mondalez International/OREO

Swedish Fish

It’s probably best to have Swedish fish candy and Oreo biscuits separately. The red filling tasted like “cherry cough syrup” according to The Impulsive Buy.

swedish fish
Photo: Mondalez International/OREO


Watermelon and cookies seem like an odd pairing, but Nabisco did it anyway in 2013. Red and green watermelon-flavored filling is sandwiched between Golden Oreo wafers.

Photo: Mondalez International/OREO

Even 100 years later, Oreo is still one of the best chocolate cookies out there, with countless interesting limited-edition flavors to boot. Recently, they brought back the coveted PB + Chocolate and Golden Oreo.  

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