Siesta Horchata Cafe: Metro’s First Go-To Spot To Get Your Horchata Fix

This new gem brings in the Mexico feels with its unique Horchata drinks

Filipinos’ love for coffee shops has flourished in many parts of the Philippines, especially in its capital region. From the many variants of coffee to matcha, and fruit beverages, fresh concepts are yet to shoot for the potential of another flavor craze.

Horchata is a traditional Mexican specialty infused with rice and cinnamon—a combination that creates a just amount of sweetness.  

Meanwhile, siesta is the Spanish word for nap or rest. It is also a cultural practice that Filipinos adapted during the Spanish period. 

Horchata Drink

The newly-opened Siesta Horchata Café is now running to serve its unique line of Horchata blends in the heart of Quezon City.

Paola Huyong, being the brain of the business, envisions a space within the competitive industry with a more lulling presence amidst the straining hustle and bustle that its world cycles on. 

Paola is the girlfriend of comedian and “It’s Showtime” host Ryan Bang.

Siesta Horchata Cafe 1

Other than offering a recharge of energy to its customers, it also mirrors the owner’s advocacy, so it makes a simple, yet fitting name for the café.

A look inside the café

Staying true to its core, the Siesta Horchata Café appeals with a cozy and eye-pleasing setting. It invites with the touches of orange and yellow which hints at a warm ambiance.

Siesta Horchata Cafe 4

Their common area’s industrial polish is a pristine sight for the customers. They also have a dimly lit private room that precisely captures the siesta vibes.

Siesta Horchata Cafe 2
Siesta Horchata Cafe Private Room 1

Not only are its interiors designed for the wow factor but they show support for local artists by leaving a corner for collaborative art installations. 

Siesta Horchata Cafe 3

Along with the café’s beginnings is the debut of queer visual artist Carla Noberta’s art pieces. In line with the motif, the artist’s works bring up the importance of taking the time—to breathe and remember that things should be done at your own pace.

Order Guide to Siesta Horchata Café 

If you are planning to have a go with the Horchata experience or if you are looking for unique drinks to try, here’s a list of Siesta Horchata Café’s must-try food and beverages.

Burnt Horchata

Burnt Horchata

For a classic start, the Burnt Horchata will fill your palates with a taste of toasted cinnamon and rice. 


Chaichata Horchata Chai

Chaichata, a fusion of homemade Chai and Horchata, is a good choice for tea enjoyers.

Death by Horchata

Death by Horchata Dirty Horchata Baileys

Indulge in three flavors in one drink effect of Death by Horchata: a mixture of Horchata, espresso, and Bailey’s liquor.


Matchata Matcha and Horchata and Ham Prosciutto Baguette

A quick option for matcha lovers is the Matchata which is a combo of Matcha and Horchata. Try pairing it with their Ham and Prosciutto for maximum experience!

Katsu Sando

Katsu Sando

Katsu Sando is a mouth-watering bowl of Katsu sandwich, with lettuce, tomatoes, and fries on the side.

Visit, refresh, and have a sweet escape in Siesta Horchata Café located at 33 Scout Santiago, Diliman Quezon City. Open every Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

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