Simple Cheese-Filled Food From The Holidays That You Can Make On A Regular Day

Cheesy embutido, anyone?

More than the gifts shared and outfits worn, just another one of the Holiday highlights that Filipinos anticipate during the holiday season is food. As it traditionally goes, gastronomic delights sit at the center of every noche buena. 

For most people, eating is just as hearty as the preparation since it’s one of the special occasions they get to cook and eat good food guilt-free. 

But truth be told, one can still prepare the seasonal food from the Holidays even if it’s not in for the current season. That’s particularly true with Eden Cheese which makes recipes better even on a random Wednesday night. 

Eden Cheese

Here are some dishes that you can “cheesify” with a bar of Eden Cheese:


Level up the usual embutido that Filipinos love with the creamy goodness of cheese. This ulam is just one of the easy food choices one can experiment and reimagine by tossing cubed cheese into a mixture of ground pork, hard-boiled egg, raisins, and ham. 

Mango Float 

The famous mango graham during Christmas may be turned into something more delightful with grated Eden Cheese. Layer graham crackers, whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk, and slices of ripe mango, and top it off with a generous amount of cheese. Chill the dessert overnight and allow flavors to meld into a luscious treat.


This ulam will surely win the hearts of every rice lover if it’s cooked with thicker, creamier consistency. The addition of cheese into the regular tomato recipe just takes every foodie back to the aroma particularly significant and evident during Christmas. 

Sweet-style Spaghetti 

Last and definitely not the least—the loved, admired, and adored, especially by kids—the Pinoy-style spaghetti! 

There’s no food that speaks so much about Christmas than spaghetti. It’s a staple in every noche buena and one can enjoy that goodness it brings even if it’s not Jesus Christ’s birthday.

It might be because mom cooked it or maybe the cheese that comes with it hits our core. Whichever, it’s a dish that does not disappoint! 

Cook with Eden Cheese

Still not over with the Holiday season? Gather your kitchen wares and make a random night a fun-filled festivity by cooking something close to heart.  Check Eden Cheese’s list of recipes for more ideas. 

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